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GET FIT! How To Get In Your Workout … No Matter The Day!

By   |   May 6, 2014   |   Fitness

It’s Tone-Up Tuesday! Summer is only six weeks away. To get your body beach-ready, you need to get in your workout no matter the day! But you whine you can’t find the time or get motivated to get to the gym. Our newest Fitness Diva, Helen Koya Abdulai who has been seen on Syfy’s Helix and is a professional fitness competitor, shares how she made it to the gym on Christmas day!

“It’s 7 am on Wednesday, Dec. 25. My boyfriend wakes me up from sleep so that I can get ready in time to catch the 7:29 am bus to get to the gym. We are currently about six weeks out from a National powerlifting meet. Wednesdays are workout days for us, and we don’t want to lose a day training, even if it is Christmas day.

The day before we had spent a couple of hours calling local gyms to find out which ones will be open the following day as our own gym would be closed. It is Christmas Day after all and we are Roman Catholics, so we definitely understand the situation. Out of a dozen options, we found one that would be open from 7 am to 3 pm on Christmas day, great.

It’s 7:15 am when we leave the apartment and head towards the bus stop. It is absolutely treacherous outside. There are about 10-inches of snow, and it’s still snowing. It’s just ridiculously hard to see or walk anyway and let us not forget itΓÇÖs stupid cold outside, but walk we do to the bus stop. There is one other person at the stop, which means we didnΓÇÖt miss it, right? But 7:29 am rolls by; 7:40 am; 7:50 am and no bus, damn!

At this point most would probably turn back: it is Christmas day, itΓÇÖs snowing outside like there is no tomorrow, and my feet and hands feel like they are about to drop off. But being devoted to fitness means working out, no matter the day. So my boyfriend and I decide to walk to the gym, and so we do. It’s hell and a workout in itself, jumping, hopping and sliding in and around the snow and ice.

We have been walking for about 40 minutes and are about an avenue away from the gym when we look behind and see the bus ever so slowly working its way through the snow. We actually jump on it for one stop and finally we make it to the gym to start our workout.

I always get asked by friends, family and co-workers, ‘Helen, I want a body like yours, how can I get it?’ The key to fitness and the answer to that question is consistency and determination. Regardless of what level you are in fitness or what your choice of exercise is — whether it be the gym, yoga, dance, Pilates, running, cycling, P90X — just get there and DO IT! Even on Christmas Day.

Now that the weather is staying above 50 degrees, we have no excuses ladies! Get out there and hit the ground running!

photo credit: Danilo Rizzuti/

Read more of Helen’s fierce fitness tips. Follow Helen, her journey and her bundle of joy on Instagram @helenkoya.

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