Got Hair Everywhere? Why Not Try Laser Hair Removal!

By   |   August 29, 2017   |   Beauty

Hey Divas! So you’ve been feeling a little hairy lately! Well, we’re here to tell you that laser hair removal is a popular and ever-growing niche in the skincare industry because so many people have unwanted hair and want to get rid of it as quickly as possible – not to mention for as long as possible!

Before you sign up for laser hair removal at your local clinic, it is important for you to gain an understanding of the process of removing body hair with lasers. Here are some of the main things to know before having such a procedure done at a skincare clinic.

Laser Hair Removal is Fast and Convenient
The first thing you need to know about having your unwanted body hair removed with laser devices is that you can go to your local clinic for the procedure at almost any time. Each treatment typically takes less than an hour, which means that you can squeeze treatments in whenever you have a little time to spare. There is also no major recovery time involved, which means that you do not need to clear your entire day of activities.

You Won’t Experience Much Pain with Laser Hair Removal
Another important thing you need to know about machines for laser hair removal is that they do not cause as much pain as you would expect. In fact, your clinician will monitor your discomfort level carefully during the entire procedure. You should experience less pain and discomfort than you would if you removed your unwanted body hairs by electrolysis, waxing, or similar methods.

Lasers Remove Unwanted Hair Regardless of Locations or Circumstances
Laser hair treatments are convenient because the lasers do not care when you last waxed or shaved. They are capable of targeting hairs that lurk below your outer skin layer. Therefore, you do not need to let your unwanted hair grow out before seeking clinical treatment. Also, due to their extreme accuracy, lasers can target hairs in almost any location on your body and remove all hairs in the area where you are receiving the treatment. Whereas you can easily miss hairs here and there with home treatments like shaving.

Side Effects Can Happen with Laser Hair Removal
One issue with laser hair removal is that not everyone is a perfect candidate for it. You will need to have your clinician assess your skin type before you will be cleared for treatment. For example, those with oily skin may find that laser hair removal procedures cause burns or blisters on their skin. Also, some lasers for hair removal are better at treating light-skinned people. Therefore, if your skin is a darker shade, your clinician may have to recommend a special treatment for you so that you do not experience any additional unwanted side effects, such as pigmentation problems.

Laser Hair Removal Treatments May be Ongoing
A final thing to remember when scheduling your first laser hair removal appointment is that it is unlikely to be your last. Hair removal lasers typically take a series of treatments spaced out over a few weeks to a month or so before the hairs disappear completely. Once the initial series of treatments are over, the hairs may take quite a while to grow back, but when they do you may decide to have additional clinical treatments to remove them again. You can choose to stop having laser hair removal and switch back to another hair removal technique at any time, but if you want to continue laser hair removal treatments on an ongoing basis then you should plan to budget enough time and money for the ongoing procedures.

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