90 DAYS TO HUSBAND No. 2! Part III – First Date Mistakes Guys Always Make!

By   |   October 29, 2015   |   Relationships

Our resident “sexpert” Samantha von Sperling continues her quest to find husband no. 2!

I’ve been using the JFiix app for a few weeks to find a lifelong mate. And while the site has been extremely helpful in finding would-be suitors, things can get complicated once we try to take the date offline!

It can be frustrating when, after chatting with a potential mate you decide to meet, you discover their charm ends with their ability to flirt in text bubbles.

What I’ve learned is that men simply have no clue on how to take a woman out. They don’t know the first thing about dating. Well, I’m sharing a few rules — fellow DivaGals, please share with the single men in your life!

1. You don’t have to spend a fortune on us. It’s how you make the other person feel. We are simple creatures: make us feel pretty, special and wanted when we first meet.

2. Start with giving the impression you’re genuinely happy to see us. If you start by viewing us as a necessary evil, and we’ve only met for ten minutes, we will feel it and lee.

3. If you invite a woman for a coffee, she expects to have a coffee! Don’t meet us outside Starbucks with your dog that pees on our favorite stilettos and say “we’re going for a walk,” — did I mention I’m wearing my favorite stilettos? Make it clear what we’re doing so we dress appropriately.

4.┬á So we’re still waiting for our steaming drink … and you want to make out? We have not had a complete conversation yet, and did I mention there still is no coffee? Let’s sit, talk and get to know each other before we smack lips.

5. If you think the fact that you’re pretty to look at is enough, it isn’t! Handsome is not enough, especially if you bore us to tears in the first five minutes. Good looking does not win you the right to grab and kiss us without putting in conversation first. If we want to be grabbed and kissed (and sometimes we do!), we will give you subtle, yet clear indications that we want to be ravaged!

(I know I should not be complaining that handsome young men want to kiss me. But this article is about finding a husband. When I want a piece of meat, I’ll call my butcher!)

What’s best is getting to know a little about us, and allowing us both to see if we have things in common and the possibility to connect on a deeper level. Trust me, we’ll both know within minutes.

I dream of gathering all the dating coaches in the city and assembling them in Central Park for a day long symposium free to the the public as a gift to humanity. Unlike concerts for charity, the aid would actually reach the people that need it.

Tune in next week where I share more clues on connecting on with Mr. Right!

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