INSPIRATION GAL: Do It Little By Little … and Succeed!

By   |   March 26, 2012   |   Lifestyle

In the last Inspiration Gal we discussed the importance of hanging around ΓÇ£can doΓÇ¥ people to defeat the ΓÇ£cannot doΓÇ¥ mentality that is sweeping the world. The next step is to make progress every day! Live by the mantra, “little by little, and anything can be completed!”

When you have a large task in front of you, don’t try to accomplish it all at the same time. Nothing of significance happens overnight. It took 2000 years to build the Great Wall of China, and the Brooklyn Bridge took 13 years to complete! Think of your student loans. When you first got out of school it looked like you would never pay them off. But slowly, month after month, you paid them. With all the companies willing to┬árefinance student loans, you decided to take advantage, saving even more. Over time, the big number with five or six digits shrank to four, then three and then zero. It probably took more than a year to accomplish this, so why do you try and conquer the world┬áin one year?┬áWhen you try to take on too great a task at one time you will burn out. When you burn out, the ΓÇ£canΓÇÖt doΓÇ¥ mentality creeps in.

Instead of getting defeated, break down the task. Make progress every day. In a year maybe you will not have conquered the world, but you will be 365 steps closer if you make a little progress each day.

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