Three Ways to Grab A Man’s Attention (In a Minute or Less!) – Just In Time For Valentine’s Day!

By   |   February 1, 2017   |   Relationships

Hey Divas! We’re welcoming in our new section, LOVE, to help you find the relationship of your dreams!

To kick off, we’re revisiting this great interview we posted a few year back with professional matchmaker Erika Christensen, known for making matches on the NYC subway. She gave us some great advice on how to find Mr. Right!

We all know you only get one shot at a first impression. But sometimes the bigger question is how do we get ourselves that shot? It’s easy to get a man’s attention with a short skirt or plunging cleavage, which is OK, but we’re talking about the kind of attention that truly piques a man’s curiosity beyond what’s under your clothes, and just may lead to a more lasting impression. Here are my three top tips.

1. Look up!
Ahhh, the “smart phone.” Can’t live without em and can’t catch the eye of a gorgeous man with em. Try this next time you’re in a public place: Just be. No texting, snapchatting┬áor checking your Instagram for the umpteenth time. Just take a minute for yourself and take in your surroundings. The dudes will all be wondering who this beautiful, confident and secure woman is who is so comfortable in her own skin that she can afford a moment to just breathe. A dude friend of mine swears that he would approach more women if he didn’t feel like he was being rude by interrupting whatever it is they’re doing. If you knew you were discouraging an incredible guy (and this guy is incredible!) because you’re so busy setting your DVR through your phone to make sure you don’t miss Being Mary Jane, wouldn’t you put the damn phone down?

2. Know your sh(&*.
As we ladies know, nothing is sexier than a man who knows his sh(&*. Well guess what? Most men (at least the men we DivaGals are interested in snagging) want a woman who knows hers too. Gone are the days of playing down our expertise, intelligence or academic assets to coddle to some man’s ego. Obviously, we are not talking about bragging because we got our humble game straight as well. But when you are smack in the middle of your wheelhouse, let your expertise shine! A good friend of mine was once at a sports bar during a University of Maryland basketball game and caught the eye of a great guy when he overheard her talking player stats with the bartender. He said he just had to meet this girl who knew so much more about basketball than he did! And when they started talking, she didn’t dumb herself down or defer to his opinions if she knew them to be wrong. They were equals who enjoyed learning from each other. How sexy is that?

3. Get an awesome dog!
OK, I’m admittedly biased because I reeeally want a dog right now but it is true that dogs are a great opener. This can also be said for instruments, tennis rackets, yoga mats, skateboards, soccer balls and anything else that may spark recognition of a common interest. In the old days,┬áI used to shlep my guitar on the subway from Harlem every week to my guitar lesson on the LES. You better believe boys were always asking what kind of guitar I had, which invariably led to music talk which would often lead to a number exchange. And I went on a couple of dates this way — with nice boys! They recognized something they loved and then saw a normal looking girl was attached. This commonality caught their attention and gave them the balls to start a convo!

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