NBC Press Tour Summer ’17! Everything You Want To Know About This Is Us For Season 2!

By   |   August 3, 2017   |   Entertainment

Ok Divas! We made sure we had a front row seat for NBC’s This Is Us panel at Press Tour Summer ’17. The WHOLE cast was on stage, so we just sat back and let the secrets flow! The new season is back on TV DivaGal’s birthday, Sept. 26. (Thanks NBC for the gift!)

WILLIAM’S BACK. The first thing we noticed that was that Ron Cephas Jones, who plays Randall’s deceased dad, was on stage, which means we’ll be seeing a lot more of his story past in season 2. “Ron is actually opening the season,” shares executive producer/showrunner Dan Fogelman. And while one of the Pearson kids could talk to a ghost again, “watching someone die in the show really doesn’t affect things,” since the show’s premise is about jumping in and out of time, and how the “past informs the present.”

SPEAKING OF JUMPING IN TIME… This Is Us‘ second season will begin its present day story about a “month or two later,” picking up on the kids’ 37th birthday. Randall and Beth are proceeding with their adoption; Kate’s pursuing her singing career and Kevin’s working on his film while wooing back his ex-wife. The past will pick up the day after Jack and Rebecca’s fight.

THIS IS US‘ POSITIVE PORTRAYAL OF FATHERHOOD. Milo Ventimiglia (Jack) loves playing “a nice man who loves his family and loves his wife,” something Milo says he saw in his own father. For Sterling, playing a devoted African-American family man, the positivity goes deeper. “The perception in the country at large is that black men are absent when it comes to family, whether it’s true or not,” Sterling stated. Playing a black man who “loves his wife and children to the core, it’s a wonderful image to put out to the world … regardless of their race, color or creed. It’s not a role I take lightly.” We see that in every episode and we know Sterling’s┬áslaying it (hello, lead actor Emmy nomination!). And that’s not the only positive “father” portrayal we’ll see more of in season two. Get ready because…

…MIGUEL’S HERE FOR GOOD. We can’t believe that people hate Randall, Kevin and Kate’s stepfather figure Miguel, and are actually voicing their disdain for the Rebecca/Miguel pairing. But we say GET OVER IT. Miguel will be back and the This Is Us creative team is concentrating on making him a man you can’t resist in season two.

BUT THERE’S LESS OF TOBY. We’re talking just about his body as Chris Sullivan, who plays Kate’s boo, has dropped a ton of weight. He tells the DivaGals he did it with “weights two or three times a week and yoga four times a week,” along with healthier food choices.

AND THE MILLION-DOLLAR QUESTION – WHEN AND HOW WILL JACK’S DEATH WILL BE REVEALED? “If that’s a question that’s haunting people, in the second season they’ll get the answers they need and more,” says Fogelman.


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