NBC’s Council Of Dads Star J. August Richards Get Emotional Over His Own Father – DivaGals Exclusive!

By   |   March 25, 2020   |   Entertainment

Divas! We know you watched Council of Dads on NBC last night! Quick recap: Restauranteur Scott Perry is diagnosed with cancer and starts putting together a group of men he trusts and admires to stand in for his family once he’s gone. And since you did watch, we know you definitely noticed J. August Richards. He plays Dr. Oliver Post, Scott’s doctor and the friend of Scott’s wife Robin.

Well, we got a chance to speak with J. August while attending NBC TV Press Tour in Los Angeles. He emotionally shared while this role is so important to him, with an answer that brought us all to tears. Read on!

Who is the male figure in your life who made you the man you are today?

My father, for sure. Prior to receiving word that I got this part, my father was diagnosed with ALS. This role is about me trying to save a father. I put every ounce of feeling from my own father’s situation into my performance. But my father is certainly someone I… he’s doing well, but he’s lost his speech at this point. I didn’t always understand how much he gave me, but he really gives me y personality, and I’m grateful to him for that.

How does Oliver deal with being Scott’s doctor and being a family friend?

I had to ask myself that very question: What if you were the doctor to your best friend’s husband? Would you look at her in the face? And for me, I can’t look at her in the face. As an actor, guilt is the hardest thing to play, so it was really challenging. We explore more of that in the second episode.

You look so debonair! What are your style tips?

I don’t employ a stylist. When you own clothes for a while, they become a part of you. I’m not ashamed to be seen in the same thing a couple of times because I have these suits tailor-made for me and these shirts made. Tailoring is key. And gentlemen, if you don’t have an outfit that is all-black from head to toe, you might want to throw your entire wardrobe out and start over again. You have to have one outfit like that. It will get you out of so many things. So all-black from head to toe, and then have fun.

Council of Dads airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on NBC.



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