Want To Cool Down This Summer? Book A Trip To Norway!

By   |   July 3, 2017   |   Travel

Hey DivaGals. Do you dread summer? Are you here in the U.S. where it can get just too hot, and you’re actually secretly praying for the temperature to drop again? We’ve got a much more fun option for you – especially if you like to travel, why not book a trip to Norway?

Norway, a European country in the western portion of the Scandinavian Peninsula, is a cool option, in both senses of the word! Norway is a place of such striking beauty — full of deep fjords, lakes, mountains and glassy glaciers — that you need to see it in person because a photo doesnΓÇÖt do it any justice! If you’re looking for more reasons than this to go and see one of the prettiest countries in the world, try these:

The Midnight Sun

Ready to see a sun setting like none other? You just have to see the majesty of the sun being in the sky in the middle of the night. Just for a few weeks every summer, the sun doesnΓÇÖt set at all around the Arctic Circle, giving you prime opportunity to see everything tinted in a wonderful glow of red and yellow, beaming across the sea. You donΓÇÖt have to just stare at this beauty though. There are opportunities to go camping, sea kayaking, swimming, and even go on whale safaris.

The Outdoor Lifestyle

Norwegians have a word, friluftsliv, which doesn’t have a direct English translation, but roughly means “free air life.” This is all about connecting with nature and enjoying the outdoors for all it has to offer, and in Norway, the beautiful landscape is in abundance. One of the best ways to experience the magical mountains and the landscape is on a Norwegian fjord cruise package, which takes you on an expedition from the north to the south, via glaciers, UNESCO-protected sites, and some beautiful sea life. At the same time, you can take it easy and cruise on the crystal-clear lakes. The outdoor lifestyle is one of the main draws, and it’s easy to see why Norwegians have their own word for it!

The Quiet Places

Norway isnΓÇÖt just about the big cities Oslo, Stockholm, or Copenhagen. There are plenty of little jewels that need to be checked out. Apart from Bergen which has seven fjords and seven mountains in its vicinity, there’s the town of ├àlesund which hosts many theater and literature festivals as well as being a hotbed for skiing and fishing, and there’s Trondheim, the oldest city in Norway, which is renowned for its creative vibes and relaxed lifestyle.

The Happy People

It was voted the worldΓÇÖs happiest country in the world, and itΓÇÖs not hard to see why! Try and be miserable when surrounded by beaming Norwegians, who are among the most content of people on the planet, and combined with the great diet they boast of, some of the shine will rub off on you too!

The Northern Lights

Is there anything more magical than the Northern Lights? If you choose to cruise the fjords during the spring or the autumn, you will likely see this natural phenomenon dancing and glow across the sky. Who needs palm trees and coconuts when you have all this?!

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