The OrvilleΓÇÖs Penny JohnsonΓÇÖs Secrets To Marriage and Staying Ageless!

By   |   September 8, 2017   |   Entertainment

You may recall Penny Johnson Jerald from her role as Captain Victoria Gates on Castle. Or from her parts on sci-fi series The 4400 and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Well sheΓÇÖs back on a space vessel, this time starring as Dr. Claire Finn on The Orville, opposite the showΓÇÖs creator and star Seth MacFarlane – the show premieres this Sunday on FOX!

We have to say our fave role of Ms. Penny’s is that of devoted wife ΓÇô she and her husband Gralin are celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary this year!

We chatted with Ms. Penny at Fox Summer TV Press Tour to find out her lasting love secrets ΓÇô and how she looks so good!

YouΓÇÖve been married since 1982! WhatΓÇÖs the secret to a long-lasting union?

Put God first and laugh at the rest of this. You must be able to laugh and get past those issues, at the end of the day.

How will you celebrate your 35th anniversary?

WeΓÇÖre looking forward to spending time back to our farm in Virginia. We went on a map and said wherever our finger lands thatΓÇÖs where weΓÇÖre going, because we want our 40 acres and a mule and weΓÇÖre not going to wait for anyone to give it to us. We purchased this land so itΓÇÖs never sold and we can leave an inheritance for our childrenΓÇÖs children. So much has been taken away from people of color, we wanted to make sure we have something that no one can touch.

You look incredible! How do you maintain your figure and beauty?

The spiritual aspect of my life brings so much health to me but IΓÇÖm a workout fanatic. I have a workout program that I give to people who are 40 and older cause thatΓÇÖs when it all falls apart. You have to get a hold of it and reign it in and ride this wave of older age or maturity to where you love looking at yourself, and you donΓÇÖt have to get it plucked and tucked to get there.

The Orville premieres Sunday, Sept. 10 at 8 p.m. on FOX.

photo credit: FOX

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