DivaGal Chanel Omari Weighs In On The Taylor Swift/Scooter Braun Feud

By   |   July 1, 2019   |   Entertainment

Taylor Swift penned an open letter over her frustration over mega talent manager Scooter Braun buying Big Machine Label Group, Taylor’s former label that owns the rights to all her music through 2018. Sharing that Scooter has bullied her in the past, Taylor is dumbfounded that he’s now in control of all her former songs.

We wanted to get an inside look at the situation, so we reached out to our own DivaGal Chanel Omari, host of Chanel in the City, who says its a tough situation. Chanel knows Scooter personally and shares that he only has had respect for women and herself in general. On the other hand, she can relate to Taylor being a woman in the music industry, fighting for your creatives rights constantly.

“As a female radio host, I felt constant pressure to fight for owning my creative work and get credit for my creativity because the men who ran the station had more money and power to make unfair decisions by making others feel their talent and self-worth is useless. When you work very hard for something and your vision, you want to have the credit and financial compensation for it that’s fair.”

But Chanel brings up a very important point in the music industry: music artists have had the reputation of thinking they deserve 100 percent of the profit when they’re only bringing 20 percent to the table.

“I do believe Taylor has a point but at the same time, she isn’t telling Scooter Braun’s side of the story which is that the old record label that owned majority of Taylor Swift’s music, which Scooter just bought, did majority of the work by publicizing her, booking her at the right arenas and exposing her music on the right music platforms. I don’t know if this is a bullying thing, a gender thing or a power thing. What I do know is that everyone has a way to do business.”

Chanel believes that both sides have a point, she questions Taylor’s decision to put her grievances in a public forum.

“If Taylor Swift had an issue with Scooter Braun buying most of her music, she should have had her team speak to his team to sort it out in private first. If there was no solution, then maybe express herself from a general standpoint without using names and ultimately shaming people because it becomes a contradiction to what she is trying to prove.”

As part of Big Machine Label Group’s original deal with Taylor Swift, which she signed when she was just a teenager, the record label owned all her masters. “The lesson learned here is to not let anyone own anything of yours because you do have that choice. But you can’t sign up for something where a network is a reason why your talents are being exposed and not expect them to take full control of your life and career.”

“I do think there is a lot of bullying and manipulation in the music industry. I think her issues with Scooter go beyond Scooter and are a combination of what a lot of men have put her through in this industry. I think she is taking it all out and blaming Scooter. I’ve witnessed many situations myself behind the scenes where Scooter didn’t take a deal or didn’t work with an artist because they were being unethical and he could have made millions.”

As a woman, Chanel does understand Taylor’s need to fight for her female rights. “I want to stress that Taylor is in the right to have these feelings about working hard, owning her own music and not sharing the credit with men who she feels belittled by. However, there is a place, time and way to do it to get the message heard correctly.

“I’ve been through it, and I’ve seen men do this to female artists in the industry but again, I think it was a business decision that wasn’t coming from a malice place.”

Chanel’s final verdict? “The lesson here is that they both should be speaking on how they can work it out due to the circumstances now. I am sure if Taylor gave Scooter a call, he would do the right thing, go against the grain and figure out what’s best for both parties involved.”




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