Ready To Travel The World? Get One Of These Jobs, And You Will!

By   |   May 20, 2017   |   Travel

Not everyone can find the opportunities to travel the world. Even if you travel on a budget, it can be expensive to get out there. And when you can afford to travel, you might not get a lot of vacation time to use.  So how do you solve the dilemma? Find a job that gives you opportunities to travel!

You might think those kinds of jobs are hard to find, but there are actually many of them that could send you around the world! Here are some great examples of jobs to take you traveling.

Fitness Instructor. If you have a sport or activity that you think you could teach to others, it could be excellent for helping you to travel. You can find opportunities around the world to use your skills and perhaps even to set up your own business. If you already have a high skill level in your chosen activity, all you need to do is learn how to teach it. You can find complete ski instructor courses, or learn to be a diving instructor, a canoeing teacher, or an archery instructor. Look into the recognized qualifications in the industry to work out what would be best for you to achieve. 

Language Teacher.┬áIf you speak at least two languages, you already have a highly marketable skill. It can help you find a job at home, but can also help you to go abroad too. However, even if you don’t speak another language, you can still learn to teach English. There are thousands of opportunities to teach English around the world, and you’ll have the edge over many other teachers if you have a recognized qualification. Look into something like TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) or CELTA (certificate in English language teaching to adults). You can also go to college to further your skills.

Au Pair. An au pair is a little different from a nanny in that they are not just there to look after the kids. The idea of an au pair is that they live alongside the family and experience the local culture, perhaps learning the language too. Some countries have a legal definition of an au pair, which is important to look into for visa purposes. As an au pair, you could visit lots of places around the world. Many families might want an au pair who can speak English with their children to help them learn or improve.

Travel Industry Worker.┬áWhenever you want to go somewhere, you need a mode of transport to get you there. Working on one of these transport types can be a great way to see the world, even if you’re busy working as you do it. You could be a flight attendant or even a train attendant if you want to travel around. Working on a cruise ship gives you a slightly slower method of travel, and perhaps a bit more time to enjoy your surroundings.

You don’t need a super glamorous job to travel the world — just a little creativity, and a passport ready to be stamped!

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