RESET YOUR LIFE 2020! Diva Bag: Talking 2020 Money and Life Moves With Author Katanya Moore

By   |   December 29, 2019   |   Gal Approved

New year, new money bags! With world finances and the landscape of finances here in the states ever-changing, your best bet is to know someone who knows money well.We caught up with DC-based Katanya K. Moore about how she secured her own bag. Moore is a securities lawyer, consultant to top wealth management firms, recognized change leader in the wealth management industry and a new author.

Moore was recently named number nine on the list of Top 19 changemakers in wealth management today on Basically she is sprinkling Black Girl Magic all over the finance and securities industries. Anytime there are changes in the banking systems, financial laws governing stocks, bonds and markets Moore is one of the first to know.

We know all of our DivaGals are prepping for all those financial blessings for 2020, so we thought it would be a great idea to introduce you to Katanya and discuss what she does and how she does it!

You were named one of the top people in the country who could change wealth management. Can you tell our readers exactly what you do?

I help financial firms comply with the rules so they can better serve their clients. I love what I do because whether you are just starting in your career, or whether you are looking to save for retirement, how you invest can vastly improve your quality of life.

This year has seen so many changes in the world economy. How do you think this will affect America and “everyday people ” going into 2020?

The financial industry is a creature of consistent change. So, this is nothing new for us. We are used to constantly pivoting to an ever-evolving economic climate. But, what you will see as an individual investor is greater transparency, more information and clearer information with less legalese.

As women of color, we have dealt with the largest income gap to anyone. What steps can we take now to bridge that gap for us and the next generation of women, our daughters, and granddaughters?

I love that you asked this. Perfect your skills and, then, know your worth. Then, never be afraid to strategically walk away, even if you walk towards your own business. Women entrepreneurs are the fastest-growing group of business owners.

Knowing what you know now about finances would you anything different from your younger self?

I would say to take more risks and to learn to brag. Bragging is just self-marketing and self-marketing allows you to transition from an employee to a brand. Someone can take your job and the recession showed us that the economy can take jobs even from the best and brightness. But you can control your brand and your brand will open doors your employer can’t or won’t.

We heard you just wrote a book, congratulations! Tell us about it and when can we look for it?

Thank you. The book is called My Softer Side. It is about love, lust and family lessons. It is pretty raw and open and, as a professional, I struggled with that sort of openness. But as I talk with women at book clubs and professional events, I realize how important it is for us to share our stories, in our own words. This book is that. This book is for all of us women who are trying to be authentically “woman,” in a world that tells us our fiscal well-being is dependent on us, inauthentically, being “one of the boys”.

Can’t wait to read it!

My Softer Side will be available later this year.




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