RESET YOUR LIFE 2020! Four Rules To Follow When Investing In Your Wardrobe This Year

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Hey Divas! It’s a new decade — a good enough reason to head out shopping for a brand new wardrobe! But before you run out and pick up anything and everything, why not start off the new year with a plan of what — and why — you buying something, along with the best ways to choose what you need. Here are some of the things you should be thinking about when you’re shopping for fashion, so you can look great and still be practical about your purchases and spending.

How Much Are You Willing To Pay?

Let’s face it: when it comes to fashion, you can find a broad range of pieces and prices. The internet has made it so easy to find pretty much everything you’re looking for, from the cheapest products to the most expensive ones, so you can decide how much you want to spend. It’s pretty much a no brainer that the amount you spend will correlate with the quality of what you buy. Spending more money will usually get you better quality clothes and accessories while choosing cheap items will mean you’re most likely compromising on quality. But there can be a point when you’re likely paying so much, you won’t get better quality; you’re likely paying for a name instead. Sometimes you can find a viable dupe of a dress or style you love as we did with this Alexis Renada silver sequin dress. That way you get the style without the hefty price tag.

How Long Do You Want It To Last?

There’s nothing like getting a piece of clothing that falls apart after one wash. So you need to think about how long you want a piece of clothing to last. Spend a little more money and it could last for several years. But what should you spend that extra money on? Think about pieces that will outlast the trends of the time: a wool coat, a classically cut LBD and great shoes and handbags.

Will You Invest In Genuine Items?

Sure you could buy a fake Prada purse or counterfeit trainers and have them look good. But getting the real deal could be worth the investment.  That still doesn’t mean paying full price. You can use sites like to get verified designer items at up to 70 percent off. Also, look for stores in your neighborhood that sell verified second-hand designer items. One of our favorites

How Will You Wear It?

Don’t forget to think about where and when you’re going to wear or use something that you buy. We’ve all bought things that we like on a whim, and then left them in our closets because we’ve never found an occasion to wear them. Think about the season and weather that will be appropriate for what you buy. How will you use it and where will you use it. Try to think of at least three places you could see yourself wearing the item before you make an investment.

Making better fashion choices by having a plan next time you shop can save you money, and may even reduce your fashion carbon footprint by investing in fewer items of higher quality.

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