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RESET YOUR LIFE 2020! Looking For A New Career Path? Why Not Work Flexibly?

By   |   February 5, 2020   |   Food Fashion Style

It’s a new decade and the job market has changed. More people are looking into positions and careers that allow them to work flexibly and remotely, and FlexJobs is a great place to start the search.

DivaGalsDaily spoke with Brie Weiler Reynolds, a career development manager and coach at FlexJobs, to answer your most burning questions about finding these types of opportunities.

What are the best industries to find flexible jobs in?
Each year when FlexJobs releases our list of the Top 100 Companies for Remote Work, we see which career fields have offered the most remote jobs during that time. This year, the top fields for remote and flexible work are Medical & Health, Computer & IT Customer, Service Education & Training, Sales and Accounting & Finance.

Those are just the top six fields out of more than 55 career fields we track. Job seekers should keep in mind that there are many, many more fields that offer flexible listings and a huge variety of jobs can be done in a flexible way.

How does FlexJobs assist in that search?
The flexible and remote job market is full of a lot of scams, bogus business opportunities and other low-quality “opportunities.” FlexJobs makes finding high-quality, professional-level, legitimate jobs faster, easier, and safer. Our team of job researchers spends a combined 100+ hours every day searching for, screening, and posting the best flexible and remote jobs out there all in one place, so job seekers can spend less time searching to find the types of jobs that best fit their lives. We also offer career coaching support for our members so they can make sure they’re being effective when applying to jobs. Essentially, we do the hard work of screening and finding real flexible and remote job listings so job seekers can spend their time crafting excellent applications and landing their dream flexible job.

What advice does the FlexJobs team have for people who want to make the switch from traditional work to remote/telecommuting positions for a successful transition and work/life balance?

There are a few things that can really help new remote workers start off on the right foot.

First, it’s really important to be communicative with everyone on your new team, both casually and more structured, and not just your manager, but your coworkers, and anyone you might be working closely with. Reach out to introduce yourself. Ask to schedule a quick chat to get to know people better. Discuss and set up ongoing expectations for communications, both the schedule and the preferred mode for different situations and meeting types.

Second, get clear about what’s expected of you. Be willing to ask your manager and coworkers lots of questions, and ask for clarity when you don’t understand something. The more open dialogue you have right from the start, the stronger your transition to remote work will be.

Third, make sure your home office or work environment is set up to best support you so that you can be productive and focused. Have a quiet space to work, let your family or roommates know what you being a remote worker means to them, and get familiar with all the new technology and tools that you’ll be asked to use in your new role.

Fourth, be aware of overworking. When you have control over your workday and especially if you’re working from home, it can be hard to shut things off and walk away. Remote workers are more likely to overwork, so it’s important to pay attention to your schedule and when your workday is done, truly walk away from the laptop and enjoy your personal life.

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