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RESET YOUR LIFE 2020! The Comeback – Week 8: Staying Accountable!

By   |   February 25, 2020   |   Beauty

It takes a village to successfully accomplish most substantial goals. Few people possess the ability to make truly meaningful changes to their bodies all by themselves. You can be sure all the best bodies in Hollywood are supported by teams of nutritionists, cooks, trainers and doctors.

I’m sorry to report that I still haven’t lost any more weight and seem to be hovering at this plateau momentarily for the second week in a row, which is very frustrating. However, I can’t deny that my muscle condition is more defined and I have increased strength and endurance. My husband Jeffrey is also looking much better from our regular workout sessions.

A lot of travel and plenty of festivities sabotaged my diet a bit but I’m getting back on track. Thank goodness for intermittent fasting otherwise I’d really be in trouble. If I know I have to go out for dinner I won’t eat during the day or eat very sparsely and then I’ll make reasonable choices at the restaurant.

Zach Fazz, my Miami trainer — now recovered and back in action from his hiatus –has returned to delivering killer workouts.

After speaking with Zach and thinking back on my days as a dancer I realize that the client/trainer relationship is symbiotic. The trainer, in order to train well, must rise to the occasion in order to lead by example. The trainee depends on the trainer for guidance and support, both needing in their own way to be accountable to the other, like any relationship built on trust integrity and shared goals. In this case, fighting to get my sexy back. The more success I have, the bigger the win for both of us.

I spoke with Zach to reveal where and when I fall off the fitness wagon so we could determine how I could check in with him to disrupt that pattern and help me avoid certain pitfalls — like chocolate in the evening!

I’ve identified weak points and I’m seeing results in other areas. I feel renewed confidence, having fine-tuned our plan. Looking forward to seeing the next results!

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