Divalicious Review! Kong Is The Star Of Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire

By   |   March 28, 2024   |   Entertainment
godzilla vs kong

Movie Diva’s Caroline Cao’s Divalicious review!

I must first confess to some sacrilege when sitting through Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire. I admit I only have a rudimentary knowledge of the MonsterVerse movies. Most of my education stems from the decent Monarch show on AppleTV+.

Luckily Godzilla X Kong does catch me up to speed. The Big Ape King Kong himself is there. The kaiju Godzilla is there. The organization Monarch tracks their movements to make sure the two won’t collide again. However, the two rival titans must also team up against a threat in the Hollow Earth.

Chances are that you’re not coming into Godzilla x Kong to think. You’re here for the titan-smashing and popcorn fun. (It’s superficial to compare MonsterVerse movies to the very different Godzilla Minus One.)

A more critical moviegoer might be let down by the Getting There. The VFX itself looks impressive in design but clumps against messy movement. The ultimate buildup to the Godzilla-King Kong alliance is disappointing because it is more convenient than an organic team-up. But regardless, you’re probably here for moneyed shots of Kong riding Godzilla, or the d’aw shot of Godzilla curled up and catnapping in Rome’s Colosseum. 

The MVP in this flick is Kong himself. His opening scene, where the big ape himself completes a stressful day of hunting and takes a shower in a waterfall, resembles a straightforward drama where a bachelor showers alone. It’s a silly yet effective cinematic shorthand for the depth of his solitude. And Godzilla x Kong is at its best when it follows Kong’s dialogue-free quest. It’s impressive that his personality is absorbing. He tries to balance a sense of honor with his fierce survivalist side. His glassy eyes brim with sadness. He also wins the friendship of an initially hostile young primate. I walked away feeling for Kong’s loneliness.

Three names crowd the screenplay credits: Terry Rossio, Simon Barrett and Jeremy Slater. The charming actors seem to be fighting against Adam Wingard’s direction, which treats the admittedly vaporous dialogue as secondary rather than equal to the visuals. A likable Rebecca Hall’s gravitas has to fight against the stuffiness of the script. Young breakout actress Kaylee Hottle remains magnetic as Jia. She shares a thematic loneliness with Kong as well.

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