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Shape-Up Tips For Summer!

By   |   May 19, 2015   |   Fitness

Join us every Tuesday for GET FIT, where we give you the tips and tool to be your healthiest self! Here are our Divalicious tips to shape up for summer!

DivaGal Alert! Summer’s just weeks away. If you’re like us Divas, you want to bust out that bikini, but you want to make sure you’re body’s banging under those strings. Here are some of our top tips to help get you there.

Make Workout Travel Time Non-Existent. What’s the point of going to the most amazing class in the world if you can’t find the time to even get there? The key to changing your body is consistency, and one way to make that happen is making sure your gym is easily accessible. Living in the Big Apple means finding a gym that’s in walking distance of our homes. Luxe Gal loves her workouts at David Barton Gym, a mere two avenues from her home, while TV DivaGal is scorching calories at Mercedes Club NY, just a few blocks away from hers. Find a gym close by whether you drive by it on your way to work ΓÇômaybe even in your office building, or look into classes offered at a local community center that’s close to home. You’ll stop wasting time on transit and put in more time on the treadmill.

Mix Up Your Routine. Consistency is key, but the body adapts quickly. You have to shake up your routine to see real results. At Mercedes Club, TV DivaGal is determined to try all 70 classes offered this summer (check out her thoughts on a few classes below!). Get off the elliptical and try taking a body conditioning class at your gym. If they don’t offer classes, grab your fave fitness magazine and followed a routine outlines in its pages. You got to shake it up to shape up that booty.

No Gym? No problem! It’s summer, which means you can take your workouts outside. Try a 24-minute run with three interval training spurts after seven minutes of cardio. Run up and down a front steps of a home; do push-ups and step-ups on a local park bench; plop down on the grass for ab curls and planks. The fresh air will change your body and clear your head. Can’t get out of the house. The DivaGals love Tiffany Rothe’s YouTube workout series that work every inch of your sexy self!

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