Stay Healthy With These Soothing Organic Winter Cold Products From Bee&You And Organic Olivia

By   |   December 27, 2023   |   Beauty

Winter’s arrival brings cozy vibes, festive cheer and…the sniffles and chills? ‘Tis the season of cold, dry weather! Staying healthy during the colder months requires extra effort, but fear not! Here are some of the DivaGals’ favorite tips and organic winter cold products to keep you feeling your best.

LuxuryGal says, “BEE&YOU’s Propolis Cough Syrup wards off sore throats and boosts your immune system. I also love the properties of Elderberry to ease dryness: Check out Elderberry + Propolis Throat Spray. I firmly believe that prevention is better than a cure, so also make sure to keep Natural Propolis Nasal Spray in hand, along with Propolis Extract with Vit D3 + Vit K2 and Royal Jelly + Propolis + Raw Honey Mix for good measure. Keep hydrated and get at least six to seven hours of sleep each night.”

Organic Olivia Mood and Peach Juice

TV DivaGal says, “Keeping it natural is important to me, so I turn to Organic Olivia. To chill out, there’s Mood Juice and Peace Juice Duo, which gently yet effectively encourage a balanced frame of mind. Elderberry Immune Elixir is an unbelievably effective and seriously delicious syrup. Adrenal Recovery is great for stress management. My skin loves Zinc Plus, which is well known for its ability to clarify the skin through its multifaceted approach. Wintertime means heavier meals. I soothe my stomach with Bloat BFF, the secret to eliminating bloat at its root.”




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