The Easiest Guide to Sporty & Stylish Fashion – Tips To Create Your Own Look!

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We know you want to look sporty and stylish. And while some people just seem to be born with that fashion gene, for most of us, it takes some hard work and a lot of shopping.  Who has time to be up on all the latest trends, know-how and different looks, and then know where to buy them. 

Well, Divas, we’re bringing you the easiest tips to help you “game up” your sporty style.

Pick a Role Model 

Starting by choosing a celebrity, musician, influencer or a public figure whose style you really like, we can’t get enough of Kelly Rowland‘s sporty attire, and study their outfits on the internet.  You can download pics of their inspo outfits and keep that person’s looks in mind When you shop for clothes. Your style will get better because you’re trying new things, taking risks and being adventurous.  And hey, most of these celebs have their own athleisure lines, so you can actually buy exactly what they are wearing. Try EleVen By Venus Williams.

Create a Mood Board

Fashion designers often create a mood board to get inspiration for a collection. Now it’s your turn. Attach colors, fabrics, photos from fashion magazines and images of that celebrity whose style you admire. You can include whatever you want as long as it inspires you.

Now make a collage of everything you’ve chosen and glance at it every day. You’ll feel inspired to put together the looks, colors and aesthetics you see on the mood board. You’ll put your own unique spin on it and your style will blossom. It’s a fun exercise that will jumpstart your creativity and inspiration. 

Trust Yourself

Style is a form of personal expression, so don’t be afraid to express yourself! Your mood board will get you started on your journey of what really appeals to you. The best style is the one you feel most comfortable in, just take it from Gabrielle Union and her husband Dwyane Wade.

Sporty Style For Kids

Your kids are probably starting to come into their own style. They are studying their favorite celebs’ looks online and sneaking all sorts of joggers and sneakers into your Amazon shopping cart. It’s important to let kids express themselves so they grow with positivity and confidence. So when you starting shopping for back-to-school essentials online let your kids make suggestions from their own mood boards and celebrity inspirations.

Stylish & Sporty: A Done Deal!

Fashion and style is everywhere. It’s online, on billboards, in magazines and most likely standing in front of you right now. It doesn’t cost anything to look at it. You can take it all in and study it all the time. Even take note of the styles that you don’t like, as you’ll start to refine what does work for you. 

When the time comes for you to buy new clothes, you’ll be fully versed in what colors and sizes work for you and what doesn’t. After following these tips, you’ll have some newfound methods of achieving the sporty style of your dreams. We don’t think it will take long before people stop you and compliment your amazing sense of style. 

photo credit: Instagram Gabrielle Union


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