Three Body Parts To Work for the Perfect Physique (You’re Gonna Love No. 2!)

By   |   January 25, 2017   |   Fitness

Hey Divas! There are so many different types of exercise to get you in shape, we’ve lost count! The list seems never-ending: Running, Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, Crossfit,┬áHIIT, just to name but a few. With so many options available, how can you decide on which one or combination of exercises are going to be best for you? Of course, we got your (sculpted) back! Keep reading for the solution!

Choosing the right type of exercise for you is based on what you want to get out of it. Different activities work different parts of the body and are more calorie burning than others. So if you identify what you want out of the activity, you’ll have the solution. It’s that easy! But just to make it even easier, here are some suggestions, grouped by parts of the body that they work, to get the best you yet!

Your leg is the single largest muscle group in the whole of your body, and as such needs to be worked out regularly to achieve overall fitness. Unfortunately, we see way too many people skip leg exercises, which can lead to disproportionate body shapes, especially for men that hit the gym hard for big pecs and biceps. To avoid this, take up some activities that work the legs thoroughly. You could try running, which primarily relies on the muscles in your legs to propel you forward. Then there’s climbing, in which you rest your entire body weight on your legs, and push through the leg muscles as you are moving upward.

BEST FOR QUADS/HAMSTRINGS. Court sports are fantastic to get your legs in good condition. Try volleyball or tennis in particular. This is because they combine a lot of running around with being able to change direct and pace quickly. This is great for the legs as it constantly challenges the muscle fibers in your quads, hamstrings and calves to get sleek and strong.

BEST FOR CORE. ItΓÇÖs not just the legs that people want to focus on when exercising. Many need to work out their core muscles as well.┬áThe core is made up of the muscles around your back, pelvis and stomach. Having a good core can help with anything, from back pain to posture. So it’s definitely worth investing some time into working this area.┬áTo work this group of muscles effectively, activities that include engaging the core are the most effective. Pilates or other body weight exercises work well, as you are engaging the core and pushing against the body’s own resistance to strengthen it. You can┬ástrengthen your core muscles with Hot Yoga exercise. Off-balance and plank pose┬áchallenge the core, while the higher temperature allows for greater flexibility than if performed at normal room temperature.

BEST FOR ARMS. Lastly, but definitely not least, we come to the arm muscles. Some people are looking for lean arms, in which case boxing and low weight work with a high number of reps are great activities. For people seeking to increase the muscle mass in their biceps and triceps. things like powerlifting and short bursts of training with the heavy weights in the gym are a good choice.

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