Vivica A. Fox Tells Us How She’s HCIC on Her New Show Vivica’s Black Magic (#BossLady)

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We canΓÇÖt wait to watch VivicaΓÇÖs Black Magic tonight on Lifetime. One of our fave stars, Vivica A. Fox, has assembled eight hunky men to create the first urban male exotic revue. And sheΓÇÖs determined to score them a residency in Vegas. But weΓÇÖll let Vivica tell you all about the experience herself! Catch VivicaΓÇÖs Black Magic Wednesday, Jan. 4 at 10 p.m. on Lifetime.

Congrats on your new show.

Trying to bring some heat to the winter baby!

How did VivicaΓÇÖs Black Magic come about?

Yes, this is my little brainchild. I went to the director of Chocolate City and said ΓÇ£this is the gift that can keep on giving. We can do a reality show, we can do a tour, we can start a franchise with this. We had a meeting with a production company who happened to have a meeting with Lifetime afterward, and they said why donΓÇÖt you guys stick around and pitch it. Long story short, they bought it right there. To be honest with you, itΓÇÖs the quickest IΓÇÖve ever came in my life (laughs).

Is your show more of a competition series?

It’s not a competition series. At the end of the season, you won’t have someone proclaimed the 2016 “Stripper of the Year.” That wasn’t the goal. The goal was to take eight male exotic dancers and get them a residency in Las Vegas. When I went to see other shows there was a diversity that was lacking. Not in this case. I’m going to have my elite eight, which is a whole lot of tasty chocolate: butterscotch and caramel to dark chocolate and white chocolate to a little la Vida Loca. We auditioned guys from all over the country and we narrowed it down to eight (including Chocolate City star Michael “Bolo” Bolwaire).

What qualities were you looking for in your dancers?

The ΓÇ£ItΓÇ¥ factor. That means presence when you come on stage ΓÇô in the audition room did I go, ΓÇ£hmmm, letΓÇÖs see what else you got.ΓÇ¥ A nice physique. I canΓÇÖt say I wasnΓÇÖt looking for bodies that werenΓÇÖt tight and right. And the art of seduction; did you have good moves, are you able to seduce the ladies and pull them in. Guys just want to see you shake, shake, shake that thing. But with ladies, you have to be able to pull them in.

So do we get to see moments of guys, ummm, taking off their clothes?

Yes we are! The goal of every week was us producing the ultimate girlsΓÇÖ night for eight weeks. We had a VIP party for my celebrity friends, and youΓÇÖll get to see some special guest appearances of some of my friends, to us opening the show to the public in Los Angeles, up to the finale showcase in Las Vegas. Are we going to get a residency? Is this going to work with us drawing a crowd in a Vegas? Getting the guys up to that level was challenging.

And getting that residency, that was your ultimate goal?

ThatΓÇÖs right. Creating the ultimate girlsΓÇÖ night out, but also showing you the journey of me being the head chick in charge: Could I get this up on its feet? Could I get these guys a residency? Could I take them to another level and could they deliver? We want people to see that they are more than just a six pack and a smile ΓÇô why someone becomes an exotic dancer and why they decided to take this journey with me. ItΓÇÖs more than just put on some baby oil and go. They worked really hard and I pushed them really hard. We had wardrobe malfunctions, and I had to teach them you donΓÇÖt stop the show and let the audience know you messed up. If youΓÇÖre not enjoying your performance, theyΓÇÖre not going to either.

WhatΓÇÖs your New YearΓÇÖs resolution 2017?

I have made some resolutions for 2017. I’m going to do my best to stay positive and keep looking forward, regardless of all the craziness of the world we’re living in. For me, that’s the biggest challenge. With all the craziness going on, I hope with this show I can just bring you guys some fun.

The other dancers are:

Alvester Martin

Jonathan ΓÇ£HeatΓÇ¥ Martinez

Greg “White Chocolate” Jackson

Mike ΓÇ£Profit the ProblemΓÇ¥ Strong

Steven ΓÇ£CharmΓÇ¥ Beck

Andrew ΓÇ£PenetrationΓÇ¥ Williams

Christian ΓÇ£Slo-MotionΓÇ¥ Dennis


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