90210's Matt Lanter: The Bad Boy Rap And His Love of Gadgets

By   |   May 22, 2009   |   Entertainment

TV DivaGal and WBH hunk, Matt Lanter!

TV DivaGal and WBH hunk, Matt Lanter!

It’s going to be a long summer break until 90210 returns in the fall, but I’ve already got your first spoiler of the upcoming season!

I had a cozy sit-down with Matt Lanter, who plays 90210‘s Liam Court, at NYC’s Gramercy Park Hotel, and I got the West Beverly High resident hottie to explain just who is Liam really into: Naomi or Annie?

“There’s nothing solid that’s been said or done to impose that Liam likes Annie,” Matt clarified.

“There’s been some teasing, but nothing more substantial than that. He does kind of like Naomi, so it’s up in the air a little bit next season.”

Matt also spilled that the series is getting a makeover for season two.

The show’s producers “really want to showcase us as teens out in Los Angeles,” he shared. “We’ll be visiting the hotspots and out on the beach, whatever real teens coming from money would do in California.”

There’s more! Liam’s estranged and mysterious dad could pop up in season two, if Matt gets his wish.

“He’s obvioulsy got some issues against women, and I think that stems from his family life,” Matt said. “The more you talk about Liam’s family and his past, the more you understand why he acts the way he does.”

FYI execs take note: Liam could be a descendent of Dylan McKay. Definitely a hot plot twist.

Maybe bad boy is too strong a moniker for Liam. “He plays by his own game and not according to anyone else’s rules, so he gets a bad rap,” Matt explained.

“Liam’s not a bad guy. He just likes to have fun.”

Bad boy or not, it isn’t hard for Matt to embody his onscreen persona.

“I’ve been cast as the ass for the past four years, I don’t know why,” he said with a laugh. “So I just pull from my own past experience, onscreen, that is.”

Come on, Matt. You didn’t have a rebel streak while attending Collins Hill High in Suwannee, Ga.? “I wasn’t bad,” he admitted. “I wasn’t good either, but I tried to stay out of trouble.”

Nowadays, you’re likely to find the fresh-faced 26-year-old fiddling over his electronics.

“I always have to have the new gadget, that’s my thing,” he shared. “I equipped my entire house with flat-screen TVs. That was my last splurge.”

Don’t worry if you’re not technically inclined and you want to catch Matt’s eye.

“I honestly don’t care if a girl knows electronics or not, I got that covered,” he said with a grin.

Throwing out my bag of power tools right now!

Look for the new season of 90210 to return to The CW Tuesdays this fall.

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