Burn 300 Calories In 30 For Your Thanksgiving Feast!

By   |   November 24, 2015   |   Fitness

Hey DivaGals, it’s #TransformationTuesday! Thanksgiving is only two days away. Studies show the average American takes in 4500 calories on Thanksgiving Day. It takes 3500 calories to BURN a pound, so you’re basically putting on nearly a pound and a half in a few hours.

Before you start your day with family, friends and thoughtful wishes, why not carve out (pun intended!) 30 minutes to scorch 300 calories and give yourself some wiggle room to enjoy the meal? Here are some of our favorite ways to burn 300 in 30!


Take It To An Incline. The treadmill is one of the top calorie-torching weapons out there. To make it more effective, add some major inclines to your routine. Taking the machine up a mere 5 percent can give you a 40 percent increase in calorie burn while 15 percent nearly doubles your burn in 30 minutes. We like to make it an interval workout, programming the machine to increase the incline every 3 minutes in our 30 minute workout. And bonus! It sculpts your tush and legs at the same time!


Walk the Tower. While we believe the StairMaster is truly a form of exercise torture, we can’t deny its calorie scorching prowess. As the StairMaster engages the bodyΓÇÖs largest muscle groups to repeatedly lift your body weight, it burns calories more quickly than most cardio machines. Even a woman at 120 lbs. can burn MORE than 300 calories on a StairMaster in 30. The newest version from the company allows you to virtually climb some of the tallest landmarks in the world. Now that’s one multicultural workout we can gt behind.

Get Weighted! Adding weights to your workout gives you a major after-effect where your body keeps burning fat once your finished the workout. It also increases muscle mass, which takes up less space than fat (so you’ll look leaner!). Try the fun program above from POPSUGAR Fitness to burn up to 300 calories in 30 minutes, and enjoy the after-burn while you enjoy your turkey!



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