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Consequence Video Star Leah Kavita Shares Secrets!

By   |   August 17, 2015   |   Dish!

It’s #MainEventMonday” Divas!

It’s no surprise that rapper Consequence used only the most Diva-licious gals in his new video “Countdown,” including actress and model Leah Kavita.

The creative brainchild of Consequence, the video showcases charismatic performances by Cons and Lupe in the midst of them being overly consumed by numbers. Chris Turner’s soulful inclusion is the cherry on top of this audible dessert that will leave fans craving more.

We reached out to this Trinidadian goddess to get her easy, breezy beauty secrets, and the “consequence” of playing yourself on screen!

What are your go-to hair and skin products in the summertime?

I don’t have a specific routine…I try new things all the time. I do always make sure to condition my hair every day as well as moisturize my skin daily.

When it came to looking your best for the video, how did you prep?

Nothing specific. I did my normal everyday routine: shower and get dressed. It’s worked in the past!

You’ve starred in movies before, and now you’ve made a cameo in this music video. Was that change of pace for you more challenging?

It was more challenging in the sense that there is no script to work on, no character to get to know. It’s just you and the camera. I actually don’t like attention on me. I don’t ever celebrate my birthday cause the attention makes me nervous. So it was hard to try to be myself while the camera was in my face. When you play a character, you’re not you. It’s much easier for me to hide that way.

You’ve starred in movies every year for the last four years. Any upcoming projects being released this year that we should look out for?

There is a show I have a recurring role on. It’s on a great network and supposed to be shown all over the world. We filmed one season so far. Hope it does well. If it’s in God’s plan for my career, it will do well.

Are there any plans to work with Consequence in the future?

We have talked about working together again. When the project comes up I’m sure you will see me again.

Check out “Countdown” starring Consequenc and featuring Lupe Fiasco + Chris Turner, on Vevo or



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