Cougar Town: Barb's Back!

By   |   September 22, 2010   |   Entertainment

chennesy-4759loresCougar Town returns tonight and TV DivaGal can’t wait to see a certain, sassy redhead in action. I’m talking about Barb, of course!

I called up Carolyn Hennesy, who plays the cougar extraordinaire to find out a little more about Barb when she’s not preying on young flesh; what it was like having upcoming guest star Jennifer Aniston on set; and which of the men in Jules’ life Barb would totally hook up with!

Barb is just so naughty! What’s a secret we don’t know about her?

Barb has grandkids, and she hardly even remembers that she has them! It’s only when she’s stone cold sober that she remembers.

Is there something you’d like to see play out in Barb’s life this season?

I’d love to meet Barb’s mother, the original cougar.

I love that! Who would play her?

There’s Betty White, Cloris Leachman and Mary Tyler Moore. Or how about Ann Margaret, Raquel Welch, or even Angie Dickinson? They’re all so delicious.

Jennifer Aniston guest stars on the show next week. What did she bring to the set?

Well, they didn’t want me anywhere near Jennifer while she was shooting the show. I would have been so nervous — I was nervous meeting Courteney! I shot my scenes right before Jennifer, and you could feel that there was pure energy on the set.  She was thrilled to be there. How often as an actress do you get to go work with your best friend? I heard that she had a great time, and I really think she was on cloud nine.

Which of the men in Jules’ life would Barb hook up with: Grayson or Bobby?

Let’s really push the envelope here; how about Jules’ sonTravis? If you remember, at the very end of last season, Barb said that she and her friends were checking the high school grads out for their fantasy draft, and Travis Cobb got snapped up as one of the early picks. Maybe Barb’s the one who did the snapping. Travis has seen the inside of her home. He knows the way to that wicked witch’s lair. So definitely, it’s Barb and Travis.

Who would you love to guest star as your young prey?

I’m currently doing a play with General Hospital’s Nathan Parsons and Jason Thompson, and these two young men, they’re not only stellar actors in this show, but they are the handsomest and cutest. I would definitely say Jason. He’s a serious piece of fudge. Greg Vaughn is gorgeous too. Working on a soap, there’s whole bakery of men to pick out an ├⌐clair.

Watch out young men of the world. You’re a sweet and savory treat, and Barb is hungry!

Cougar Town, season two, premieres Wednesday, Sept. 22 at 9:30 p.m. on ABC.

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  1. beautygazette
    Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010
    I love Nathan Parsons! Aussie hotness at it's best Go Barb!
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