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Late is better than never! Were our Diva Boys right about Dancing With the Stars, episode 4? Check it out below!

It’s ROCK Week, yeeeeeeah! Metal, and I love KISS! Costumes are all black and violet! Hard rock, love it. ’80s rule! Speaking of the 1980s, IΓÇÖm pretty bummed out about Jack Wagner going out last week. Well, it goes to show you ΓÇô you gotta vote, people! There was a five-way tie for last place. I never thought Jack would be out ΓǪ So now IΓÇÖm adding Katherine into my final picks, along with Sherri and Melissa. Here’s my reviews…

Sherri & Val (Tango). come on Sherri, this is week four! You can do it. I know you can. My mom was at The View taping this am, and you were live from LA showing us a preview of the tango… can’t wait! Awww, she looks a bit like she is counting. She was nervous. And I hope the judges are kind. I’m going to vote for her, even though she could have been sharper. All my nine votes went to Sherri. I think she needs our help.

Katherine & Mark (Paso Doble). I enjoyed this dance for her. ItΓÇÖs definitely out of her comfort zone. She is going to do great!

Jaleel & Kym (Tango). I am not his biggest fan, and he didnΓÇÖt get such great press this week, what with his outbursts and attitude. He looks very angry and clumsy. Also, it appears like itΓÇÖs half time, and should be faster and sharper.

Melissa & Maks (Paso Doble). Alright Half-Pint, you gotta kick some ass this week. The judges need to score you big tonite. I know you can do it! I love her, and think they killed the dance. I guess Maks messed up, but I didnΓÇÖt notice it. Their scores werenΓÇÖt so great. I probably should have split my votes w/ Sherri and Melissa. Also, I hear she went to the hospital right after the show. Awwwwww, get better Mel!

Donald & Peta (Paso Doble). Can’t wait to see his hot bod… wow Wow WOW ! They are hot together. I didn’t get to see much of Peta cause she was voted out early last season. Although I’m not wild for this music, they rocked the sh*& out of this Paso. I’m sure the judges will go wild, just like the audience did!

Gladys & Tristan (Tango).  Awwww, this one was tough for her. She still looks fabulous, and she still has it… but I think she was being dragged around a lot and it was a bit slow. I have a feeling it’s Gladys’ last night.

William & Cheryl (Jive). Cheryl is hot …  and so is he. Undeniably sexy energy and performance. He started out great and sharp, but then it looked like he messed up a lift, and from then on, he seemed off on his footwork and timing. Like he didn’t know the whole routine. He may be on the bottom.

Roshon & Chelsie (Viennese Waltz). He is also one of my least favorites. However, he is charming this time. I prefer to watch Chelsie! He kinda disappears in these routines.

Maria & Derek (Tango). SheΓÇÖs gorgeous, and with a stress fracture, awww, man.!I hope she is OK. She hit all the moves, and their chemistry is awesome. TheyΓÇÖre going to be just fine this week. YEAH MARIA! Great scores. Just like Derek says … Maria is a warrior. I would call her a GODDESS. HehehehehehehehahahahahahahahahahhaahhhΓǪΓǪ ! (ThatΓÇÖs her infamous laugh in print!)

Gavin & Karina (Tango). So you know I love Gavin, right? I hated that he was in the bottom with Jack  last week; I actually thought he was gonna go before Jack. So Come on Gavin. Follow Karina and kick some butt. The routine was pretty good. He’s kind of a spaz, so it’s gonna work against him.

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