A How-to Manual Part II

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You’re looking fabulous, so what’s the next step to finding Mr. RichΓǪ who is also going to be your Mr. Right? It’s about being in the right place at the right time.

Luxe Gal Maureen Martin, with the help of entertainment correspondent Val Greenberg and etiquette expert Samantha Von Sperling, give you the scoop on where to find your million-dollar match.

The Meeting.

In a perfect world, the meeting would happen by chance. But this isn’t a fairy tale. If you’ve missed your Kate Middleton opportunity of snagging your prince at college, you’ll need to get yourself to the places below.

Hotels. Start by socializing at classic high-end hotels: think Four Seasons and St. Regis to meet high-powered tycoons, and The Hudson or Gansevoort for Hollywood’s golden boy. But sitting at the bar isn’t the answer (obvious reasons!). Instead, you need to get yourself into exclusive events happening at the luxurious lodgings. How do you afford it on your budget? Sign up as a volunteer or use your social climbing skills to get signed up on a prominent committee. History shows us that George Clooney dates women he meets in high-end lounges.

Your Neighborhood. Yes, your zip code does matter. Aim to get an apartment in a well-to-do part of town; better something super small (and in your budget) in a nice neighborhood, preferably with a doorman, than something big in a questionable neighborhood. Wouldn’t it be nice to walk out your door for coffee and bump into your next boyfriend ΓÇô who just happens to run a multimillion dollar hedge fund? If you’re in New York City, look for places near Fifth Avenue, or hit Greenwich Village for hot young actors who have money to burn.

Health Clubs. We’ve already mentioned this one. While you’re getting in perfect shape, you just might meet the perfect guy. Ideally, you want to join a high-end club like the health club at the Peninsula hotel, which offers a beautiful view and chic chic clientele; or trendy celeb-friendly clubs like Reebok or Equinox. Of course, a ritzy health club could set you back $150 a month, ouch! Ease the pain with some ice, then check out your insurance plan, some give you a rebate for being a health club member. Some of clubs offer corporate membership rates via your company, and keep your eye out for club promotions.

The Course/Courts. Ever wanted to learn golf or tennis? Now’s the perfect time. While you’re taking a few swings at the course or courts, you could stumble on several potential suitors in the middle of a powerful merger (wouldn’t it be nice if your wedding was the next merger on the list?). You can visit or for daily discounts on these activities so you can spend your savings on cute tennis outfits. Get in some practice until you are a reasonable expert. It’s not only a great way of working off some stress, but a fertile platform to strike lucrative business deals. So brush up your putt and your tennis backhand and wait till your shot elicits a “wow” from a millionaire practicing nearby.

Public Transportation. Yes, we have heard of celebrities who have dated people they met on airplanes or in line at car rental places. Of course, flying in first class helps, so always ask for an upgrade when taking a plane. How do you do that? Join a airline’s frequent flyer club so you build up miles — and chances to get into first-class. Also dressing the part helps.

Online Dating Services. Though this is a one-in-a-million shot, though Mel Gibson did meet his wife through an online dating service.

Tomorrow: Etiquette for Dating the Rich.

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