Destress For the 2016 Election With Relax-Sing!

By   |   November 3, 2016   |   Fitness

Hi Divas! There are only five more days before we American citizens have to participate in one of the biggest elections of our lifetime. And thanks to this yearΓÇÖs political climate, anyone can feel themselves losing it as they prepare to go to the polls.

ThatΓÇÖs why weΓÇÖre so happy we met Michel Pascal, creator of RELAX-SING. This hybrid of mediation and song is designed to help everyone feel relaxed and calm and boost energy, leaving you feeling a little happier in a chaotic world. An accomplished singer, this French native-turned-American citizen uses his gifted voice to help bring a little peace and harmony into our everyday lives.

Spending an hour with him on a balmy fall day at Mercedes Club in New York City, Michel explained that ΓÇ£life can be so stressful, we just need to calm our minds.ΓÇ¥ Michel, who lived with monks, utilizes chants and song to guide us on our journey to inner peace. One of his favorite songs to get our mind on the relaxed train? ΓÇ£Smile,ΓÇ¥ he said as he broke out into song.

Living in New York City, time is a precious commodity. Who has an hour to spare to just chill out? Michel understands ΓÇô and suggested that NYCers use that ΓÇ£time on your subway ride,ΓÇ¥ to close our eyes and enjoy RELAX-SINGing while we ride.

For NYCers who really want to experience RELAX-SING with Michel, heΓÇÖs performing a benefit concert on Monday, Nov. 14 at Carnegie Hall. With chants and voice, heΓÇÖs ready to inspire and uplift. The showΓÇÖs proceeds will help train meditation teachers for High-Risk Communities in New York with Stay’n┬áOut (

Not in NYC? Never fear. Michel has his own website and YouTube channel to share his visions.

And of course, we got Michel to give us a little special performance to share with you DivaGals. Watch it below!

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