Digital Dating Advice for DivaGals – Part I

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International contributor Imogen Reed explores the new dating apps that make “hooking up” instantaneous!

There’s been an explosion of new dating apps, and love on the move is now more accessible than ever! Those seeking romance can┬ástart the hunt from their phone or mobile device and keep tabs on their progress wherever they are.

For some users though, love is the last thing on their mind — casual sex is their objective. Arrangements to meet up for a quick encounter can now be made with just a few clicks. But if this is a path you decide to go down, keeping safe and secure should be at the top of the agenda, however you meet your match.

As we now spend at least an hour per day on our Smartphones, it’s no surprise that the search for love, and sex, has moved online. The new dating apps that have added an additional dimension to this phenomenon. Unlike general social media platforms, their sole purpose is to connect people who want to meet a romantic or sexual partner, so if you do decide to meet someone on there, be prepared and know what the expectation will be.

Like a dating agency, these apps provide users with specific matches based on background and preferences. This avoids the need to troll social media sites seeking out people with similar interests, and instead delivers a direct link to someone compatible with the user requirements.

The big difference between dating apps and their predecessor dating websites is speed, and that is what makes them so popular. Described as faster than speed dating, apps allow users to almost instantly access profiles of people you may want to date. And the most popular apps are the most straightforward to use.

Tinder, for example, links into users Facebook accounts, meaning thereΓÇÖs no need to create a new profile. It then generates potential matches based on the profile information and within a geographical area selected by the user. When match details are provided, users decide whether they are interested in the person, essentially a “hot or not” approach. Mutual interest is required for an actual connection to be made, but this process can still take place in a matter of minutes. With an estimated 500,000 users in its first six months of operation, it is clear that this simplistic approach hits all the right notes with would be daters.

Another popular location based app is the OKCupid mobile-only version. This free service again involves free sign in through Facebook and provides quick potential matches in the local vicinity.

Tune in next week for Part II: Online Dating Safety Tips!


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