DISH WKD! Nikki Mudarris ΓÇô The Next Adult Star?

By   |   October 9, 2015   |   Dish!, Entertainment

If you guys are fans of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, then you know one of its stars, Nikki Mudarris, has been dealing with leak of a sex tape she appears in, and she’s not happy about it one bit.

MediaTakeOut first reported that the sex tape was on its way, 24 hours before it hit the Internet last week. The site didn’t post it on its server, but shared a link to the just under minute long tape where Nikki is engaged in an intimate sex act from behind.

So who’s in the tape with her? Sources claim that it’s her on/off again boo, rapper Mally Mall.

Of course, Nikki wasted no time reacting to the tape, first posting on her Twitter account @missnikkibaby: Miserable people I tell you.. They go to new extremes of LOW.

She then went on to post a series of tweets about how she did not authorize the release of this sex tape:

“Can’t trust anyone not even a man you were Sleepin with. People are so malicious to harm you & f*&^ up your brand in anyway. Smh. ΓǪ I would NEVER leak a tape of me intimately that I didn’t even know was being made. I’m at a loss as everyone else. This is completely out of My hands and was never willingly authorized. Moral of the story. NEVER sleep with your enemy. They will do whatever to hurt you. Smh”

Now Nikki has taken the tape into legal hands, threatening to sue anyone who keeps the tape online, and placing a restraining order against Mally, citing he physically abused her and is threatening to release more tapes.

Mally has come out and said he knew nothing about the tape being leaked, with claims his cell phone had been hacked. In an exclusive interview with THE SOURCE, the rapper revealed that her, “didnΓÇÖt really want to comment on it, but IΓÇÖm going to tell you this. You know they say when people lie about one thing, thereΓÇÖs more behind the lie. That was a very intimate moment that me and her had. She asked me to film that, and if you listen to it, sheΓÇÖs saying ΓÇÿOh, we look so sexyΓÇÖ and if you look, you can see the flash in her face and everywhere…She watched it over and over again. She actually personally watched the video, if you know what I mean.”

Well, the world may see a lot more of Nikki. The DivaGals spoke with Steven Hirsch, president and CEO of Vivid Entertainment, the company that released L&HH star Mimi Faust‘s sex tape (and if you recall, she finally came clean that she was in on the tape being made). He tells us exclusively, “I’m aware that this tape exists and we will make every effort to see that it’s released.”

Our Diva-licious take? Some things, like intimate acts of love making, should be left off film ΓÇô but if you do put in on screen, make sure you’re the one running the camera (and don’t do it on your cell phone!).

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