DISHING DIVA! Why Ken Laurence Wasn’t In The Project Runway NYFW Presentation EXCLUSIVE!

By   |   September 10, 2013   |   Dish!, Entertainment

Now this is some serious dish! Project Runway season 12 presented its season finale collections at NY Fashion Week last Friday. But one yet-to-be eliminated contestant was┬áconspicuously absent from the runway, designer Ken Laurence, who barely survived last week’s elimination.

A bit of back story: While viewers only see the three finalists’ collections for the season ender, all the designers who are left on the program on the day Project Runway does its show during Fashion Week get an opportunity to send their pieces down the runway to protect the identities of the final three. So why didn’t Ken show?

Our divalicious sources tell us that Ken was indeed backstage during Project Runway‘s presentation, but the dramatic designer was having a small meltdown over his collection. He didn’t feel his pieces were ready to go down any runway. “People were trying to convince him to show anyway, as it is the chance of a lifetime,” our source dished.

But Ken wouldn’t budge, leaving the cast and crew with no choice but to go on with the show without him. A Lifetime rep confirms Ken’s last minute ditch. “Ken was invited, but he just chose not to show at the last minute.”

Ken, we know it’s scary to take on such a big risk, but sometimes you just gotta jump in the fashion pool head first!

photo credit: Lifetime

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  1. redrabbit
    Friday, September 13th, 2013
    Ken is a pain in the ass, but I actually have more respect for someone who pulls his show because it's not ready than if he sent something half-assed down the runway. Good for Ken.
  2. traherne
    Friday, September 13th, 2013
    "conspicably" is not a word. I think you mean "conspicuously"
  3. Saturday, September 14th, 2013
    traherne, thanks for the catch! - DivaGalsDaily
  4. Silver
    Saturday, September 14th, 2013
    I was sorry to hear that Ken didn't participate in the finale. I know he had some difficulty getting along with other contestants, but I also know that he worked so very, very hard to get to that particular point in his career. I think we've all experienced the same self-doubt and fear at one time or another.
  5. Dennis B
    Friday, September 20th, 2013
    Well, having been able to watch the episodes up thru #10 of this week - drama queen Ken has been "nothing but" meltdowns so far all season .... frankly, from here it seems that he's had a guardian protecting him all of the numerous times that he has been in the bottom two - he should have been eliminated at least 4 episodes prior to
    #10!!! Not too mention all of the stress and anxiety he has created for all of the other designers ..... he has the temprament of a two-year-old.
  6. SallyGal
    Saturday, September 21st, 2013
    I DVR-ed and just watched #10. SO glad Ken won't be there to explode any more. What was with him just standing there ironing his shorts while the guys were waiting to come in?!? He had to know they were moving in and it wasn't as though it was their idea AND it wasn't as though they didn't knock on the door (which Ken chose to completely ignore). Ken needs to get some medication! Remember when he spoke with his Mom and she asked him if the "other person" had come out? So, he knows he has a problem and he should also know that it could hold him back. What made matters even worse was the extent of the transformation from caring, softspoken sweety to raging, swearing, screaming idiot! Poor Ken and poor everyone else faced with dealing with him. (Did you notice how Tim Gunn told him to clean up his work area "now" and didn't acknowledge or even look at Ken as he walked by him? Zing!)
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