DIVA BOYS Dancing With the Stars Review: Episode 8!

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The Diva Boys break down our weekly dose of Dancing With the Stars!

Two Dances tonight, and double elimination! We said goodbye to Jaleel! IΓÇÖm glad heΓÇÖs gone, because The Diva Boys are going to the live Results show tomorrow night.┬á Tonight, the stars have two dances each!┬á After the first round, they will add another pro to their team for a TRIO ROUND!┬á And get ready for tomorrow, we’ll be there and Chris Brown is performing.

Round 1

Donald & Peta (Tango) – Gosh these two take us to Higher Ground!  So Hot.  This tango started out slow, but damn, can Donald sizzle!  He always delivers a smoking performance!

Maria & Derek (Viennese Waltz)- These two totally delivered last week with the Paso, and the clarity and fluidity is getting stronger with each week! And she did look like an angel. BUT I agree with Len, Maria is going to have to turn it up- in hold- if she wants to be in the semi-finals (because we want you there)!

Melissa & Maks (Foxtrot) ΓÇô Lost footwork in the beginning, and it looks like she is being dragged by Maks around the dance floor. Melissa finished the dance strong though, her strongest dance yet! Hopefully she will survive the double elimination!

Katherine & Mark (Viennese Waltz) – Really beautiful. Katherine is gorgeous, and the holds are nice, but I think she looked a bit awkward, right?  I know Len loved it, but Carrie Anne agreed with me.

Roshon & Chelsea (Foxtrot) – Hey, I know everyone thinks he is cute.  I just don’t like this kid either.  I hope Roshon goes home!  Cute with his grannies in the audience, but he doesn’t do it for me.  Destin and I agree to disagree about this under-dog.

William & Cheryl (Foxtrot) ΓÇô Mmm, William is so debonair.┬á He looks like a Latin Fred Astaire:┬á great choreography and great musicality.┬á “Stray Cat” stud gets perfect score !

Round 2 ΓÇô The Three Way!

Donald & Peta & Karina (Jive) – Donald has so much soul!  I love to watch him rock the dance floor.  They look terrific, and did he just jump over both of them at the end?  Amazing!

Maria & Derek & Henry (Samba) – Bollywood style.  Wow!  really incredible!  What a three way routine. Very sexy and creative and different and fun.  I know Len is going to hate it.  Audience went nuts for it!

Melissa & Maks & Val (Samba) – A Latin three way with the Chmerkovsky Bros!   she kicked ass on this routine.  Her best dance so far!  I hope my votes will keep Melissa in the game

Katherine & Mark & Tristan (Chacha) – Very sexy and cool.  It wasn’t my favorite of hers, but she did a great job dancing with her wardrobe malfunction.

Roshon & Chelsea & Sasha (Paso Doble) – Hey, I gotta say I really  liked this one.  A great comeback.  He was really strong and I thought they knocked it out!

William & Cheryl & Tony (Paso Doble) this was a great finale.  Sexy sexy sexy paso!  Great costume, and super hot routine.  The audience went wild for this fabulous flamenco fantasy.

Tune in tonight for the Elimination episode of Dancing With the Stars at 9 p.m. on ABC. The Diva Boys will be there!

photo credit: Adam Tyler/ABC

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