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“There is no love more important than God’s love,” is what co-writer/director Sharon Kon tells us in her first full-length feature The FatherΓÇÖs Love. The story unfolds how sometimes looking for love in all the wrong places leads you to learn that falling in love with one’s self is the best love story of them all.

Born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Sharon studied film in New York City. Her passion is to create films that have an aesthetic appeal, but are also thought-provoking and ultimately life-changing for each viewer. DivaGals contributor Angela Yvonne takes a moment to a thing or two about love from the director herself.

Why was it important for you to write this story?

The FatherΓÇÖs Love is about a young woman trying to find true love and eventually true love finds her. Her journey is of forgiveness and heartbreak, and of dealing with relationships past and present. The movie was important for men and women, especially women who have experienced heartbreak. I think it addresses having self-esteem as an individual, conquering fears and learning to maneuver it all living in a big city.

The trailer of the film shows a very diverse cast. Did you mean to cast the movie that way, or were these the actors who just told your story best?

I wanted to have a diverse cast because I have not seen a lot of that in movies. I wrote with that intention. Everyone had to do the audition process except for the leads Angelina Lin (who is Asian), and Erik McKay (who is black). I knew in my heart no one else could have played those roles but them.

You have a campaign called “I Am Loved,” which ties into the movieΓÇÖs theme. What is the campaign about?

We made it a t-shirt campaign. I think that everyone should know that they are loved, especially from the heavenly father. It is an affirmation to know why they are truly loved. It is such a deep question that we sometimes struggle to know the answer.

Did you always want to be a filmmaker?

My aunt is a well-known commercial producer in Malaysia, so I thought I wanted to do music videos and that didnΓÇÖt pan out. I went to school for film, and after my journey to salvation, I knew that I wanted to make films. At the end of the day my movies have to have a thought-provoking, value-filled message.

When can we expect to see The FatherΓÇÖs Love in theaters?

It will be in selected markets starting this August: New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.

photo credit: Thomas Chaves, thefatherslovemovie.com

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