DIVAGALS DAILY DISH: Celebrity summer romances, New Jobs for Jennifer Aniston and AI’s Jessica Sanchez +++

By   |   June 21, 2012   |   Entertainment, Gals On The Town

Its officially summer and whats better than summer? Summer lovin … we are happy to give you a breakdown on 3 new celebrity couples. Here is our cute couple alert exhibit a: Kristin Davis and Aaron Sorkin It factor for this couple? He writes hot TV shows and she was our Sex and the City favorite… Here is our scary couple alert exhibit b: Actress/Bisexual scene-stealer Amber Heard and perennial bad-boy/recently separated Johnny Depp Icky factor for this couple? Where do we start? He’s been “separated” for 24 hours, she had a girlfriend just a few months ago, she is 26 he’s 49 … Yeah it kind of makes us say “say-what?” …. Well as the french say … “Se la vie.” Johnny’s soon-to-be ex Vanessa will just have to cozy up to her reported “amicable” $100 Million dollar settlement. Here is our jet-set couple alert. Exhibit c: Mary-Kate Olsen and hot hot french dude brother of former French president Sarkozy. We love her romantic/political connection. It factor is the rich factor She’s rich, he’s rich, he’s french, shes rich and did I mention they are both skinny? Don’t hate appreciate! Ain’t love grand?

Sophia Vergara strikes “sexy poses” for Vanity Fair Magazine. We love it when an actress shows her depth and range as an artist….

File this under: Sisters are doing it for themselves … Katy Perry is launching her own record label.

American Idol runner up Jessica Sanchez will join the cast of GLEE … This is the perfect place to land for any music reality show runner up!

Jennifer Aniston has a new job and it pays a lot of money … shes the new face of Aveeno!

Today Show’s Ann Curry just lost a job that paid her a lot of money. See how the world just balances out for the one percent-ers? Word on the street is that Meredith Viera may be coming back.

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