Three Effective At-Home Workouts To Get The Body You’ve Always Dreamed Of

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Hey DivaGals! Want to get a little fitter? Then change up your workout routine from time to time! When you do the same old thing, it doesnΓÇÖt have the same impact, especially if you are looking to make some big changes to your body, weight or appearance. So this summer, you might like to try out a new workout! Here are the details of three workout systems that you could try right at home. We’re sure one will definitely work for you!

Leandro CarvalhoΓÇÖs Brazilian Butt Workout.┬áIf youΓÇÖre short on time over the summer, but want to do some intense working out to make some changes to your body, then the Brazilian Butt Workout Program is for you! Each workout is only five minutes long, so there are no excuses for not doing at least one per day, right? The program, unlike others, does not come with meal planning or nutritional advice. So if you try this workout, you’ll have to design your own meal plan in place to help maximize the changes to your body. Self-motivation┬ámay be the key to its success. But for five minutes a day, isn’t it worth a try?

Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide. The BBG, or bikini body guide, designed by Australian-based trainer Kayla Itsines, is a program designed to help women achieve some big weight loss, through eating well and exercising. The most loss is meant to come from exercise, with a twelve-week plan that you do from home. The workouts are just under half an hour long, and they are pretty intense; hence the dramatic weight loss for many that have tried it out! The workouts focus on different muscle groups each time, from abs, legs and arms to full body workouts. So your body can get a rest between muscle groups if you work out daily, or try total body workouts every other day. The bikini body guide info talks about the mixture of cardio and strength training and how much of a difference it can all make. Many women who try the program have reported that it made a big difference to their bodies, and confidence. And it could do the same for you!

Jillian MichaelsΓÇÖ Thirty Day Shred. Can we say this is one of the DivaGals’ fave workouts? Ever since Jillian started beating bodies into submission on The Biggest Loser, we’ve been devoted fans!┬áThere are twenty-minute exercises that include abs, cardio, and strength training, about 30 minutes long each, which you do once a day. Jillian also adds progressions to her workouts, so┬áyou can go up a level whenever you find the level youΓÇÖre has become too easy. But we know what you’re thinking — does it work? The short time it takes to work out makes this very manageable for most people. So of the exercises are quite high impact, so if you have problems with your knees, it could prove troublesome. Make sure you maintain a healthy diet routine to get maximum impact from your workouts.

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