FITNESS GAL: Bob Harper’s Insane Workout DVD Series

By   |   July 27, 2011   |   Fitness

There have been times when I’ve been lying on my couch watching The Biggest Loser and thought, “Sure I’d work out that hard if Bob Harper was training me.” Be careful what you wish for!

I recently came across a new workout series from the trainer: Bob Harper Inside Out Method: “Pure Burn, Super Strength.” I decided to give it a whirl.

The warm up starts off innocently enough with head rolls and toe touches. Then suddenly, Bob has you on the ground doing push-ups. Push-ups? In a warm-up? Yes, Bob does it like that.

And then it begins… 60 minutes of non-stop, multi-compound weighted exercises that punish every major muscle group in your body. There are squats coupled with bicep curls and overhead shoulder presses into burpees; lunges with bent-over rows and tricep extensions and plenty of ab work. But the true killer is the push-up to weighted T-stand. After that set, you truly do feel the burn radiating from inside your body out! This is the only program I’ve seen where you can actually see the participants suffering through the moves with you — they are gasping for air and covered in sweat 10 minutes in!

The DVD is genderless – this program can be done by men and women. In fact, I actually did it with a buffed guy friend of mine. He started with 12 lbs. dumbbells, but soon had to switch them out for a set of tens. Yes, the DVD is that intense. And it’s so worth it.

The DVD is part the Inside Outside Method series. Also available: “Body-Rev Cardio Conditioning,” “Yoga For The Warrior” and “My Workout.”

Bob’s also recently introduced two kettlebell programs to the mix. You can pick up any of the collection here.

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