FITNESS GAL: Boost Up Your Booty!

By   |   July 23, 2012   |   Entertainment, Fitness

Today is Booty Boot Boot day! The goal is to keep your glutes tight, no matter what, even when you’re cooped up in the office. Here’s some help tips to get your booty in check!

The elevator is not your friend. Today you’re going to walk the stairs. Try taking two steps at a time and squeeze your glutes with every step.

Sitting is no excuse. Turn your office chair into the ultimate squat workout. Every hour, take a SQUEEZE break: Stand up in front of your chair about a foot distance, feet hip distance apart. Go to sit down, but stop just before your booty hits the seat, and then rise and squeeze once standing. Do 10 each session and feel the burn!

Have a tight-end conversation. Talking with a co-worker or your boss? Stand with your feet shoulder width apart with your hands on your waist as if you are at command, and then squeeze your glutes every time the other person talks. Hold for four seconds and then release.

Kick your bathroom break. Lean against the wall with feet shoulder with apart. Bend your right knee slightly and then kick back your right leg 10 times, squeezing your glutes every time you kick back. Then do on the left leg.

Eat a whole green pepper. Try adding this super green to your diet, which is packed with vitamins A & C and is considered a fat-burning food, it can help you burn off an extra junk in your trunk.

Work it out, no matter what.
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