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Meet Fitness Gal, who’s going to whip you into shape with her latest workout and health tips and tricks!

You may not know this, but TV DivaGal has a secret. She’s a fitness diva, too.

When she’s not out covering the latest gossip on the TV front, she’s at the gym, teaching others how to kick it hard.

So I thought, for my first Fitness Gal column evah, why not start with one of her classes?

TV Diva Gal and I had just come from a fabulous Product ‘N Press event, where I was checking out hot new fitness products just in time for the holidays (don’t worry, I’ll be telling you all about them soon!).

TV DivaGal then surprised me with an invite to take her class at the national fitness chain Bally Total Fitness. Mind you I had already taught a dynamic spin class at a New York Sports Club at 6 a.m.

Just to let you know, I’m strictly a morning workout person. I wake up at 4:45 am like clock work, I’m at the gym by 5:45 for class at 6 or 6:15 a.m. I do weights at 7:05 a.m., and I’m home by 8 a.m. My workout is done.

But I accepted her invite anyway. I can never turn down a workout! It was a Boot Camp Sculpting class.

Of course, TV DivaGal set me up right behind her with a step and free weights. Once I noticed that, I said to myself, “Ah man, sheΓÇÖs making a big mistake. Is she really trying to share the spotlight with me?”

Then I got arrogant and thought, ΓÇ£Oh well she chose it deal with it; it is what it is and thatΓÇÖs that. I’m an instructor, sheΓÇÖs instructor and already sheΓÇÖs making a mistake by putting me in her spotlight. Bold move my TV DivaGal friend.”

Maybe she was just trying to figure if I can really represent being Fitness Gal. I was gonna take that challenge and rock it!

I took my spot, stood up tall, showed off my lean physique and being the Alfa dog I am, I said out loud, ΓÇ£Show me whatcha got, girl!ΓÇ¥

I heard laughter from the full class behind me — later I learned they were laughing at me not with me — as they were well aware of TVDiva Gal’s style training. I began to cheer as I knew my cheering would make the others happy, and to show off a ‘lil more.

Out of nowhere the music came on and the room transformed into a military boot camp and… TV DivaGal kicked my butt! She turned my loud mouth motivational cheering into a groaning moan laced with heavy panting. What theΓǪ!

I turned to the girl behind me and said, ΓÇ£We need to fight her,” and while some thought me to be funny others where happy she shut me up.

So donΓÇÖt let that pretty face, all dolled up from HTTF (head-to-toe-fab) red carpet walking, TV DivaGal delivering gal fool you..!! Her class was tough, intense and technically on point when it comes to training the major muscle groups: chest, back, legs, arms, shoulders and core. And the major muscle groups were combined for even more intense training. She stepped all over Fitness Gal’s territory and did a fantastic job!

Here are some of my fave moves from the class that you can put into your own workout. Do 12 reps each for two or three sets:

Squat with Overhead Press: With Feet shoulder distance apart and light weights in hand at shoulder level, bend your knees and drop into a squat. When you come back up, push the weights straight up over your head. Works legs and shoulders.

Push up with Plank Hold: Get down on the floor with arms slightly wider than shoulder width apart and body lifted. Bend elbows until your body is a few inches off the ground, then push back up. Hold in your stomach for 5 seconds, and then repeat. Works chest, arms and core.

Deadlift Back Row with Hammer Curl: With feet hip distance apart and weights facing the sides of your body, bend at the hips till weights are parallel with your knees. In this position, pull weights up to the bottom of your rib cage, then drive them back down slowly. Stand up, and curl the weights to your shoulder. Lower them down and repeat. Works legs, back and biceps.

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