Your Spring Shape Up Plan: Sexy Spring Legs

By   |   March 17, 2011   |   Fitness

Have you ever said the following, ΓÇ£Oh how I wish to have sculpted legs?ΓÇ¥

Sometimes it seems that our legs are harder to work than our lower abdomen (and we all know that is one hell of a body part!).

It can be embarrassing to wear fun, sexy spring wear with flabby legs peeping through. The answer is to sculpt, sculpt, sculpt!

And now you can with Fitness Gal’s secret workout weapon for working out your legs. This workout will put the “short” in short shorts and the “mini” in mini-skirt. All you have to do is Spin!

That’s right, just sign up for a spin class at your local gym. Through intervals, circuits, hills and sprints, along with 20 or so other people on stationary bikes, you get a real leg workout.

The cardio alone for nearly an hour helps to melt away fat, but the fact that your legs are doing all the work makes Spinning an even more desirable option. Be sure to move your upper body as little as possible to allow your quads to take the brunt of the workout. Keep your abs engaged while pedaling and push down on the pedal with a flexed foot. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth on each cycle, and don’t forget: hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

After a few weeks of spin classes you will start to see well-sculpted legs. How cool is that: Get on bike ΓÇô burn calories ΓÇô and get off looking thinner with fabulous sculpted gams!

Stay tuned for your next Spring Shape Up tip!

Keep It Moving, No Matter What!
Fitness Gal

photo credit: Nicole Fitness

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