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FOX PRESS TOUR Summer ’16: Get A Hard Bod Like Rocky’s!

By   |   August 16, 2016   |   Fitness

If you know anything about The Rocky Horror Picture Show you know that Dr.┬á┬áFrank-N-Furter’s creation Rocky┬áis a chiseled Adonis, thanks to his diet of “nutritious, high protein” and swallowed raw eggs. That isn’t too far from what Rocky’s portrayer Staz Nair did to get in shape for the movie reset, airing on FOX this Halloween.


Staz Nair.

Staz was actually eating a lot because playing Rocky “is all about size” he told the DivaGals at FOX┬áPress Tour last week. As for workouts, he didn’t have to do much since, “I┬áwas in a band for six years … and because of my pride I was driven to get in shape.” Staz says once you put the work in it’s all about the diet. We certainly appreciate that discipline as he slips into that gold lame speedo!

Want to eat like Rocky? Why not try the “Cave Man Diet,” also know as the Paleo plan, which is based on when our ancestors consisted on a harvested (and quickly perishable) diet of meats, seafood, nuts, vegetables and fruit. See a modified version of the plan at ┬áWomen’s Health.

 photo courtesy Entertainment Weekly magazine.

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