Five Reasons We Love Minnie Driver ΓÇô Our Exclusive Interview!

By   |   January 13, 2011   |   Entertainment

Minnie Driver has always been one of our favorite actresses. We love the way she’s not afraid to change her body for a role, get down and dirty in a part, tear up drama and comedy alike, and how her real-life romances have had their up and downs ΓÇô we can so totally relate.

In the new movie Barney’s Version, she plays Mrs. P, married to a man (Paul Giamatti) who realizes he’s in love with someone else, on their wedding day!

We got a few minutes to chat with the striking actress, and it didn’t quell our girl crush on her one bit. So here are five reasons for you to love Minnie as much as we do!

She believes in love at first sight. Not only does she believe in it, but Minnie confesses, “Yeah, it has happened to me. I do believe there are so many roads to love, and so many permutations of it,” she shares. “It’s been proven so many times, from arranged marriages that last a lifetime to high school sweethearts meeting sixty years later and getting married. So yes, there are lots of paths to it. ”

She follows the girl code. While Barney’s best friend breaks a major bro rule in the film, Minnie’s got hers down pat. “You can’t ever date your friend’s ex. That’s just across the board,” she declares. “The only exception is if you actually fall madly in love, end up getting married and stay married forever.” We totally agree with you on this one, Minnie!

She digs clothing from the past. Barney’s Version is set in the seventies, which means Minnie got to sport some serious retro pieces. “I kept this weird white silk play suit Mrs. P wears. It was made for me, so it wouldn’t fit anyone else,” she says. Minnie also slips into vintage Yves Saint Laurent for the film. And then there’s her opening scene red wrap dress. “That was from the 1950s,” Minnie reveals. Our costume designer, Nicoletta Massone, was really incredible.”And so were those awesome sky-high Dolce & Gabbana stilettos┬á you wore during our interview, Minnie.

Horror flicks are a “no-no.” Being a mum hasn’t changed the way Minnie picks her movies, but there is one kind of film she won’t touch. “I just never do stuff with people’s heads getting blown off or horror — I’ve never done it and I won’t. I can’t even say ‘even now more that I’m a mother,’ because I wouldn’t do that stuff anyway.” But you may see more of Minnie, whose a single mom┬á 2-year-old son Henry, pop up in more films for children. “I did Tarzan for the kids I wanted to have,” she reveals. “And Ella Enchanted. I would absolutely love to do more.”

She’s still waiting for a guy to sweep her off her feet. Model-turned-actress Rosamund Pike, who plays Barney’s true love in the film, has been wooed by suitors in the best of ways. “Of course that happens to Rosamund: There was an orchestra, and there were 1000 roses in the middle of Hyde Park, and then Barry Manilow showed up and was playing a white piano,” Minnie jokes. “No nothing like that has ever happened to me. I’ve had a couple of blokes ask me out, and actually they’ve wanted to ask my sister out on a date.”

We love yah, Minne, and we say to those guys, they just don’t deserve you!

Catch Minnie in Barney’s Version, opening in select theaters Friday, Jan. 14.

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