Four Things You Need To Know About Bridal Boot Camp's Trainer Steve Pfiester!

By   |   June 9, 2010   |   Entertainment

steve-pfiester1Tonight, 10 gals are going to compete to get into their wedding dresses and win a dream ceremony on VH1’s new get fit series Bridal Boot Camp.

Five of those girls are seriously lucky, because they’re training with hottie personal trainer Steve Pfiester!

The ripped muscle man, who co-owns Longevity Fitness Club & Spa in Vero Beach, Fla., with his wife Bonnie (majorly lucky gal), isn’t holding back when it comes to whipping his would-be brides into shape.

Here are four things you need to know about tonight’s show. I’m working up a sweat just writing about it!

Steve Doesn’t Put Up With Excuses. “My background is exercise nutrition, so I take a very scientific approach. At the end of the day, if you eat less than you burn and exercise, you’re going to lose weight. You can’t fight physics,” Steve says. “I wanted to make my team strong so they could win all the challenge. My approach is very cut and dry, but my job was to get under their skin to get them as fit as possible and make them work together as a team.”

That Means You’re Going to Work. It. Swimming? Climbing? Running? Yep, on Steve’s team, you’re going to do that, and more. “I tried to keep my team out in the open: lifting picnic tables and canoes, mock squatting each other, lots of environment drills,” says Steve, who spills the he worked the gals about three hours a day with running, weights, calisthenics and stretching. “And then we had leisure activities. We had canoes out there to teach them an active lifestyle.”

But He’ll Cry With You If You Put In the Effort. “If someone is really trying, then I will help that person and cry with that person. I’ll run and swim with them ΓÇô I even diet with my clients,” Steve declares. “Sometimes I get down to two or three percentage body fat because I have labor pains with that person. Once I believe in somebody, I will go through anything to make sure they meet their goals.”

Drama? You betcha! While there’s no need for drama when it comes to the challenges — “no having to go back and shoot fake fights for this. These challenges were tough,” Steve says — that doesn’t mean there’s no drama in the barracks once the workout ends. “You’ve got girls as young as 21 to some mature gals. You take them away from their fianc├⌐s, and theyΓÇÖre already catty about planning their weddings. Add in them being hungry and lonesome and waking up at four and five in the morning for these crazy workouts, and it was like fireworks the whole time,” Steve says. “But the team does come together and love on each other and fend and protect one another. You get to see that drama, too. “

Enough reason for us to get off the coach and tune in tonight!

Bridal Bootcamp premieres Wednesday, June 9 at 10 p.m. on VH1.

photo credit: VH1

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  1. Wednesday, October 27th, 2010
    Ouch!!! Bootcamp was painful today...and it was only the fitness assessment. Ha! (not genuinely)
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