GAL APPROVED: Food Edition!

By   |   March 28, 2014   |   Gal Approved

DRINK. ThereΓÇÖs nothing better than a hot chocolate chip cookie and a glass of cold milk ΓÇô unless your stomach canΓÇÖt handle the creamy elixir. ThatΓÇÖs why the DivaGals love LACTAID ΓÇô itΓÇÖs real milk with the enyzmes added to assist sensitive stomachs that canΓÇÖt digest mmilk on its own. Even better? You can use LACTAID in your baking so that chocolate chip wonΓÇÖt bother your tummy either!

BLEND. Speaking of the kitchen, some of the DivaGals admit weΓÇÖre just not into it. You have to add in some many ingredients, and letΓÇÖs face it, a box mix just wonΓÇÖt doΓǪ Unless you have Green Giant Veggie Blend-Ins. Spinach to make your brownies moist and tasty? You betcha! A little carrot mix to your mac and cheese? Yum! All of a sudden, the kitchen doesn’t seem so scary.


JUICE. Style up your morning with something fresh and fabulous. Try multiple award winning Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice Company’s OJ and citrus based juices. Natalie’s Orchid offers hand crafted orange juices. This artisan citrus juice company prepares their juices daily, and you can taste the difference. All their juices are made with highest quality Florida Hamlin, Pineapple, and Valencia oranges. Our favorite? The grapefruit!

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