GAL APPROVED Weekend: Two Must-See Films, Healthy Jerky and Clear Your Pores Naturally!

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SEE. Disillusioned former Presidential guard Mike Banning — a.k.a. hottie Gerard Butler — finds himself trapped inside the White House following a dramatic and violent terrorist attack. But thank goodness, because using his “specific set of skills” and high level security clearance, Banning works with national security to rescue the President (Aaron Eckhart) from his kidnappers. It’s a testosterone-infused terrorist beat down — everyone gets roughed up and slapped around, women included and the casualties include a police dog! The violence is a little cartoonish, yet not as bloody as one might expect. It’s a little bit of a mindbend as the movie plays out the consequences of increased political and military tensions of the North/South Korea conflict. The film also features Dylan McDermott as a bad ass traitor, Morgan Freeman as the V.P., Ashley Judd as FLOTUS and a very cute Finley Jacobsen who plays the “First Kid.” Go with your dude; he is going to love it! And then you can drag him to DivaGals See 2: Admission! Opens nationwide today.

SEE 2. In Admission (pictured above), Tina Fey plays a Princeton admissions officer whose life is being turned upside down by the departure of her boyfriend of 10 years, the pending retirement of her boss, a possible promotion and the discovery of her adopted son. All these circumstances are tied to her career, obviously. Then it gets interesting when a handsome high school principal (the thoroughly charming Paul Rudd) tries to get her to see the potential in an unusual student, and the potential of them as an “us.” It’s a kooky look at the goings on among the academic elite world of Ivy League universities. The overriding theme is “be yourself”; we get to see various characters losing that battle as they succumb to arrogance and personal agendas. Admission is funny, touching, good story telling, and gives the audience a few great characters and superior performances like Lily Tomlin as Tina Fey’s mother. Lily effortlessly steals every scene and is a delight to watch. Opens nationwide today.

SNACK. When you’re on an eight-hour car ride, you’re bound to give into the snacking gods. Instead of grabbing a greasy mess from the gas station, how about stashing some Simply Snackin’ ΓÇô gourmet meat snacks ΓÇô in your travel pack? These meaty treats have no artificial flavors or chemicals, and offer just 60 calories of lean protein. They also come in cool flavors like Teriyaki Beef Sirloin with Pineapple and Chicken Breast with Black Bean Salsa. So you can snack like a dude, but keep your body like a lady! Available at

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PURIFY. Dirt and grime are just a part of New York City living, and our face hates it. So we were jazzed to try Redmond Clay Facial Mud. The company specializes in natural, earth-based products like Redmond Salt, which we love. After a night of outings, we came home and spread a thin layer on our face, and felt it attacking our pores, literally within minutes. We left it on for 15 because we couldn’t stand another minute of not talking. (Yes, it get that tight!) We then washed it off with washcloth. Our pores felt clean. But the real payoff was the next morning when we woke up with a super smooth and blemish-free face, heavenly! Get yours for $9.99 at

WATCH. Lifetime actually got legal clearance to air┬áRomeo Killer: The Chris Porco Story after the real-life man convicted of murdering his dad and attempting to murder his mom sent an injunction to stop it from airing. Now you know you’ve got to watch. Cutie Hellcats alum Matt Barr stars in the title role. Airing Saturday, March 23 at 8 p.m. on Lifetime.

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  1. Sunday, March 24th, 2013
    Nice movies! Seen them both!
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