Galatica Alum Michael Trucco Fights a Meteor Storm!

By   |   January 30, 2010   |   Entertainment

_edb5434If there ever was a reason for TV DivaGal to tune into a sci-fi TV movie, Michael Trucco is definitely one of them.

The Battlestar Galatica alum pops up tonight in SyFy’s newest thriller, Meteor Storm.

“In the movie, I play Tom, he’s head of the equivalent of FEMA,” Michael says. “He’s separated, has two kids and is dedicated to his job. Life goes on as usual until a giant meteor comes flailing itself at the earth, at which he goes into full rescue mode.”

Michael, a self-proclaimed astronomy buff, gave me a little advice on what to do if a meteor storm ever did make a beeline for Earth.

“Duck,” he declares. “Look up often and duck. But if stuff is falling from the sky, we’re doomed.”

Michael’s Battlestar Galatica alter-ego, Samuel Anders, stared doom down as he drove the fleet into the sun on the series final episode, but was that really the end of the character?

“He’s sitting arm and arm, shoulder to shoulder doing scotch with Starbuck,” Michael jokes. “They’re revving it up, having a big laugh, joke’s on everybody.”

And he wouldn’t mind heading to Caprica, Battlestar Galatica‘s TV series prequel, if only for an instant.

“I think it would be fun to do a little background cameo, just walk through the frame when the Caprica Buccaneers are playing a game and going ‘Is that Anders?'” Michael tells the TV DivaGal.

“Maybe I was recruited 50 years earlier. The Brett Favre of Caprica.”

Those Cylons never do quit!

Catch Meteor Storm, Saturday, Jan. 30 at 9 p.m. on SyFy.

photo credit: SyFy

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