GET FIT And Learn What You Need To Breathe Correctly

By   |   October 18, 2016   |   Fitness

Hey Healthy Divas! We all need to take a minute to exhale. Did you know your breathing patterns are a direct signal to your emotional and physical health? It’s important to gauge how deeply and how often we breath. Here is a device that will help you monitor and learn to exhale.


SPIRE gauges your breathing . Slow, consistent breaths indicates calmness. Halting, uneven breaths signal tension. Breathing that’s fast and consistent gets points for focus. Add lots of steps and Spire knows you’re in an activity streak.

So how does it work? You clip the device to your bra or waistband. You will need to use the Spire app to sync your data up to your smartphone. You can set goals for Calm, Focus and Activity (60 minutes each day for each). The screen visualizes your breath with a floating line that goes down when you inhale and up when you exhale. The screen logs various “streaks,” like how many breaths and steps you’re taking per minute, among other details.

This is the perfect gift for anyone learning meditation and for those in high stress occupations that need to learn to “take a beat.”

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