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It’s #LifestyleWednesday! The DivaGals got a VIP invite from Google to check out some of their latest offerings, including our new Asus Chrome Flip C100, which we typed this post on!

GoogleΓÇÖs philosophy is simple: identify a problem, figure out creative solutions and turn those solutions into products and services, which has lead to some amazing innovations. Check out three we love below!

Google Search has a new angle that allows you to ask about some place without even knowing what that some place is. So if youΓÇÖre standing in front of an unidentified museum/castle/bridge and say, ΓÇ£where we at,ΓÇ¥ Google Search can clue you in with a ton of details. It can also give you more intel on your fave businesses, i.e., how busy is this restaurant/gym/shopping center at a specific time, so you wonΓÇÖt waste time waiting in line and enjoy more of what you love! We also learned that GoogleΓÇÖs new Now on Tap, available this fall on Android, will take Google out of the Search box. With a simple tap and hold on your phoneΓÇÖs home button, you can get GoogleΓÇÖs help, you no matter where you are on your phone.

Google Cardboard (pictured up top) really blew our minds with its affordable virtual reality for iOS and Android. Google Cardboard and associated apps will give you and the child in your life numerous ΓÇ£teachableΓÇ¥ moments as you discover the world through in glorious digital 3D. Once assembled, slip your smart phone inside and take on visual tours of the world from every possible angle. It made us feel like rockstars as we entertained our four- and seven year-old houseguests!

Google Photos does something we rarely do with all our selfies and shots, categorize them so we can actually find them in the future. This one-home solution for all of your photos offers free unlimited, high-res storage of your photos, which are placed in categories as identified in the photos: people, locations, objects, special occurrences. It will even make little videos based on on your complementary content ΓÇô and weΓÇÖre talking only the good stuff! ItΓÇÖs a creative way to showcase your summerΓÇÖs trips and memories and upcoming holiday greetings! Available on iOS and Android.

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