HEALTHY DIVA: Are you a Pear or an Apple?

By   |   August 9, 2012   |   Entertainment, Fitness

Our newest contributor, Dr. Janna Andrews, breaks down your body shape and how to keep it healthy!

Women and men around the world consider a small waistline to be desirable; however, a small waistline is ideal, not just for cosmetic reasons.

Aside from just fitting into ones clothes, your waistline can be a predictor of future health problems. Obesity in women has been tied to many health issues such as infertility, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, breast cancer and ovarian cancer. A recent study out of the UK took it one step further and correlated a large waistline with an increase in these diseases as well. Central obesity measured through waist size may be a better indicator of obesity than body mass index (BMI).

ΓÇ£Obesity-related chronic illness is putting a major strain on healthcare providers,ΓÇ¥ says Nuffield Health, who conducted the study. Women with a waistline 2 inches greater than recommended had increased issues such as infertility, which could be related to irregular ovulation cycles. The study wasnΓÇÖt encouraging women to be skinny, but fit. Keeping the waist-to-hip ratio in mind, more women should strive to achieve the pear instead of the apple shape.

Here are some helpful tips on achieving that ideal pear shape:

Everything In Moderation! Try to eat a well-balanced diet that includes a variety of seasonal fresh vegetables, and stay away from sugary foods with little nutritional value. Try not to follow such a strict diet that just results in deprivation, a little indulgence here and there can be healthy as well (yes, it’s OK to have some dark chocolate!).

Get Moving! Exercise at least three times a week for at least 30 minutes to increase heart health, overall fitness and mental well being. Visit our Fitness Gal pages for suggestions on getting in a workout, no matter what!

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