How To Contour Your Face Correctly!

By   |   June 4, 2015   |   Beauty

Hey Divas! This season, contouring is all the rage. Whether you’re doing a bright spring lip or a graphic cat eye, contoured is the new makeup must.

Basic sculpting requires working with three colors that complement your skin tone, each about three shades apart. You’ll also want a cosmetic sponge, foundation brush and concealer brush and perhaps even a spatula and mixing pallet in case you need to adjust your colors. You might also want loose setting powder and Super Sealer to keep your work looking fresher longer.

To achieve the effect of a more structured visage, practice does make perfect. To start, think of your face as a sculpture. Look at your face in the mirror and study your bone structure. Actually feel the bones of your face with your fingertips: forehead, brow bone, nose, cheekbones, jawline, and chin. What sticks out the most is what light hits first. These are places to highlight with the lightest color.

Highlight above and under the brow bone, bridge of nose, above cheek bones and chin. Right under or behind the bone is what is in shadow.

Create depth by using your darkest color under temples, sides of nose, under cheekbones, under jaw and chin.

Your middle color should be an exact match of your skin tone. This is for covering imperfections and to even out the complexion where needed.

For a little “instant Botox,” use your lightest color under the eyes for that bright-eyed, well-rested look. To plump up marionette lines, add a little around the lip line to plump up the volume. No needle or permanent Daisy Duck look necessary!

To help sculpt your face flawlessly, Cinema Secrets Ultimate Foundation 5-IN-1 PRO Palette makes contouring, highlighting and covering imperfections a snap. Palettes range in colors from porcelain to deep ebony. Each palette contains five colors for a seamless blend. It comes in a clear acrylic case to make it easy for you to find the colors you need, and its slim compact design makes it portable, even in your evening clutch.

If you want “Maleficent” cheekbones, bright eyes and a complexion on fleek, this is your new go to.

To avoid a hot greasy mess in the summertime, try contouring with powders instead of creams or liquids. You’d be amazed what you can do with some bronzer and highlighting powder alone. Spray a little Cinema Secrets Super Sealer and you’re practically melt proof!

Jonesing for a one-on-one tutorial? Go to AskSam for more.

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