Create The Perfect Eye For The Holidays!

By   |   November 26, 2015   |   Beauty

It’s Thanksgiving Divas, the official start of the holiday season. And since people will be wishing you holiday cheer, you need the perfect look when you holla cheers back! It all starts with the perfect peepers.

To make it easy for you to beautify your eyes this season, we have done all the research for you! Check out our advice below!

Ban Bags And Dark Circles. While under eye bags and dark circles are often associated with being tired, and also with aging skin, these two things aren’t always the cause. Dark circles and sagging eye skin can be caused by genetics, especially for skin blessed with melanin, and have nothing to do with how much sleep you got the night before. (Yes, really!)  There are plenty of options to eliminate these annoying problems. For puffy, dark under eyes, place cold cucumber on them for 10 minutes before applying your makeup. This will help to soothe them, reducing the puffiness and darkness. Concealer can help camouflage your dark circles. If you suffer from bad bags, you may want to  consider cosmetic surgery. Bags Under Eye  surgery could be the best solution.

Line Your Lids. Using a liquid liner along the top lid of your eyes can make them appear larger. To create the perfect cat eye try this: At the inner area of the eye, start off with a thin line, and then as you go out towards the corner, increase the thickness. Instead of finishing the line at the corner of your eye, create a small flick up towards you eyebrows. This will make your eyes appear a little larger. Try NYC New York ColorΓÇÖs Big Bold & Precise Felt Tip Liner.

Wow Your Lashes.┬áIf you want big, beautiful eyes – how you do your lashes is key. To achieve the most fabulous doe eyes,┬á all you need is a professional eyelash curler and an amazing mascara. For the most incredible lashes, the experts recommend trying Benefit Roller Lash Mascara. As for your curlers, you canΓÇÖt go wrong with a pair of Shiseido Eyelash curlers. To ensure that your lashes look their best, make sure that you know how to effectively curl them – you can check out a tutorial for this, here.┬á For an amazing curl, heat your lash curlers with your hair dryer for 15 seconds before using them. This will give you an even better, and longer-lasting, curl.

If you want to take your lashes to the next level… just add some falsies! Our how-to fave video below shows you how to add individuals, using our fave KISS products, and wow all season long!

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